By PFCdavila - 23/03/2011 03:46 - United States

Today, at work, a coworker started to tell me about his weekend, without me even asking. Halfway through his story, I started to daydream and lost track of time. Bored, I told him, "Hey man, I'll call you back, I've got to get back to work." Then I remembered I wasn't on the phone. FML
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it was my third double, back to back. i was a walking zombie. lol

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So did you end up calling him back???

You should have told him you were driving and it wasn't safe to talk on the cell. If you're gonna lie, go big!


wow ive never heard of anyone doing that xD

Yeah! Especially without a Bluetooth device

LAME yea it's a bit late imma do stuff with me n go to bed. ok bye

this sounds like something I'd do lol

simple solution, say "I was reading you mind and decided to hang up" it worked for me when I was trying to avoid drew barrymore.

#39 your comments are always hillarious

Is it just me or are fmls actually starting to get netter again they aren't all like "today my bf told me a joke fml" like they're actually good again now

haha that was hilarious :x

they seem more original and unique (:

yeah they're funnier now lol

lol thank you 101 my moustache loves u too :p

lol thank you 101 my moustache loves u too :p

Good one. He was probably like WTF?

I don't see how u could say that to someone when u are standing right in front if them and staring at them

the sad thing is, I can see myself doing something like that

I think that I would probably do this too. Today I'm going to say that to everyone who is talking to me. Thanks! I'm going to pis off my cousin soo much today cause of you!

So did you end up calling him back???


no, but i had to work with him the rest of the night and we exchanged a few words during the 6 hr shift.

This is hilarious! More like FHL for being so dull!

What indication did you have that they're dull?

Exactly, just because OP didn't listen doesn't mean that his coworker is dull. Don't make these outrageous assumptions!! :P

ahaha that sounds like sumthing i wud do:s

lol nice pic

cut the rope!!!

thank-you I love that game!

lmao luv dat game!! and hahaha thts funny this guy,

That always works I guess.

lmao good way to show the person your listening, don't go over your minutes

Think before you talk.

I'll slice ur cake

preety disgusting u perv what are u like 50 and she's like 12

hahaha 16. I'm going to laugh about that all day

Meh, people who start up unwanted conversations without you asking kind of annoy me. I mean at least try to set up the conversation to see if they even want to talk to you! But that's actually really funny! :)