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Today, I joined my school's film-making club so I could get an opportunity to act in the club president's screenplays. It turns out her idea of a tragedy is a creepy, sci-fi version of Romeo and Juliet, with elves, starring her as the perfect Mary Sue style lead character. I can't get out of this. FML
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It's like you did a horrific, modernized version of Romeo and Juliet. Where's Leo when you need him?


It's like you did a horrific, modernized version of Romeo and Juliet. Where's Leo when you need him?

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I didn't know they made my life into a film production. Tell your friend she better sport the mustache with respect and dignity.

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to be honest, that sounds kind of amazing! but to each his own I guess...

@22 my part of the play is playing you. I need notes. Is the mustache constantly combed? I also need more insight on the hat.

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I Always have a stache comb on me. Just never confuse it with the one with the crabs on it. The hat must worn at a 93 degree angle. Aviator glasses at all times of day even in the shower, and a tattoo of a monkey jerking off a banana penis on my ass

@32 ok ok. Now any catch phrases I should keep in mind?

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Right meow there's only a few. Mother of God Who wants a mustache ride ******* Farva That's about it meow

DAMNIT! This is to much pressure. I QUIT. Just give the damn role to KaySL.

Speaking of Doc, has anyone seen him lately?

Doc is dead? Damn, what a shame. I guess that SuperSiphiherpilis finally caught up to him... I was actually going to build a shrine so I could worship Doc, but now that he's head, what's the point? *begins sobbing*

80 send the money u saved for the shrine to his address, thats what he would have wanted!! 500 cash should do it!! ;p

Great idea! Let's see, 5000 dollars in cash, two plane tickets to Mexico, eight pills to go to the matrix, that should be it, everything Doc would have wanted. TO THE POST OFFICE! *batman theme*

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I'm wondering if she dislikes the elves, the fact that the creator of this play is playing the part of a god, or both.

Yeah, exactly. What are they gonna do? Kick you out of the club?

I don't know about OP, but I always feel wrong quitting, no matter what. She made a commitment. Plus, one time I had to drop out of a school play for medical reasons and my drama teacher was pissed- it makes you seem unreliable for future shows that aren't thought up by someone batshit insane, in OP's case. OP, I'd just tough it out if I were you. So maybe it's a shitty concept- you can still rock it.

It represents the chaos of a broken heart, and how it can be repaired through the help of a wacky host of space elves, singing and dancing gaily.

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Sarcasm? Hopefully... Mary Sues are annoying :S.

I would throw in some alcohol, fireworks and a very large sombrero.

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Well... Good luck with that :)

The only thing I can think of to say is LMFAO.

I would totally watch that. In the same way I read My Immortal and its ilk, but I would totally watch that.

Maybe you'll like it. If you reaallly don't fake sick or somthin

if it's a club. don't go. they can't fail you in clubs