By chubbyg - 20/09/2014 12:23 - Australia - Clarinda

Today, my boyfriend asked me when I was going to shave my arms now that summer is coming in Australia. FML
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That's rude. Ask him when he's gonna shave off that rude personality

Klima_fml 29

Kind of an odd question to be asked.


Klima_fml 29

Kind of an odd question to be asked.

sempisaviour 17

Damn right, because they can't even!!

I had never heard of people doing this before I moved to LA, but it's quite common here for women to shave/wax their arms. I'm not sure what is so abhorrent about arm hair that makes this necessary, though.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#11, normally people who are really self conscious about their body hair will shave or wax their arms. I've actually considered waxing my arms before, and it's not that strange to most people. But if OP isn't fond of the idea, her boyfriend shouldn't be an arse and should respect her. After all, I doubt OP asks her boyfriend when he's going to shave his legs or armpits.

I shave my arms every few months or so. I just like how smooth they feel. It makes me feel more feminine in a way. I know many other women that do the same!

i have really dark hair so i just personally dont like the way my arms look with hair on them so i shave them. the stubble is weird though :/

I have a lot of arm hair and I personally hate it and have considered waxing. But shaving doesn't make sense to me at all. The last thing I want is stubble growing in and having it look like shaved legs. When you wax the hair is pulled from the root so the hair grows in with a small fine tip on the end, when you shave you cut off the fine tip making it look thicker and courser until it grows long enough that it grows a fine tip.

I'm not hairy at all but still shave/wax my arm hairs +.To me it looks better and they aren't stubby at all, especially when I moisturize my skin. My BF also does the same-- including his chest hairs. Plus he trims his leg hairs super short with his beard trimmer. Where I live, it's common for everyone to do. Males included.

#53, hair removal creams like Nair might be the best option for your arms.

Who doesn't shave their arms? In New Zealand I've never dated a woman who has hairy armpits. I find it actually repulsive and sickening if a woman hadn't shaved/trimmed/waxed/etc her arms.

86, if a woman doesn't want to shave her armpits she doesn't have to. You and your norms are disgusting, not the woman with her natural hair.

86- Why? The hair there is natural. Men don't generally shave their armpits and it isn't seen as "sickening" so why should it be any different for women?

BaDumTsss_fml 23

People hate 86 for having a preference. That's like hating a straight man for not being gay.

I lol can't lol understand lol your lol accent. lol

Haha, #90. "I can't... *raspberry* understand... *raspberry* your accent. *raspberry*" - attendant (SpongeBob - Rock Bottom episode)

sempisaviour 17

Wow... can guys get ANY more superficial? This is why aliens don't visit us.

iLike2Teabag 27

Aliens won't visit us because one guy asked somebody if she was gonna shave her arm. Right.

sempisaviour 17

#20 it's because society is extremely superficial.

RedPillSucks 31

No. We don't visit cause you poisoned all the fish

You had an okay comment till you brought in the aliens.

Why would she do that if she doesn't want to?

She shouldn't havw to humor him. Shaving is a personal choice and preferance.

Well I don't like to shave my facial hair but my GF ask me to do because I look more attractive to her that. She rewards me well after I shave, so some compromise does help.

Myabe its just me but if a guy wanted to keep his facial hair and didnt want to shave I wouldn't ask him to either.

That's rude. Ask him when he's gonna shave off that rude personality

It's no one's business if you shave or not. Guys don't shave (generally) so if he doesn't understand it's your decision, it's not your fault.

Did he ask you to shave down under as well?

RedPillSucks 31

But she has to shave in a counter clockwise pattern, Coriolis effect and all.

best comment I've ever seen^^^^... too bad 99% of ppl wont get it

doraaa01 7

I get so angry when I'm asked this... I don't wax or shave for the guys benefit, I do it because I hate having hair there. It's extremely rude and insensitive of ANYONE to expect you to shave any part of your body..

If a guy ever asked me to shave down there I would let it grow it to be Chewbacca's hair length

@94- Do you want to build a hairy snatch?

Ask him when he's going to shave his head.

The only thing I would have removed, is him. Well atleast after I make him shave.