By WTF - 12/10/2012 23:00 - New Zealand - Hamilton

Today, I had to eat my breakfast in terrified silence, as my hungover mother staggered into the room, shouted at the kettle for not boiling fast enough, and after a few seconds, screamed that I'd sabotaged it. I'm now grounded for supposedly trying to fuck with her head. FML
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Dblocker 18

Are you sure she was only hungover?

Wait! You mean New Zealand has alcohol? And alcohol in New Zealand fucks you up like anywhere else? And it's just as addictive??? NO WAY!!!


Dblocker 18

Are you sure she was only hungover?

Sounds like she was still drunk. You should ground her for being under the influence.

Or using something else... I'm sorry to hear that

So sounds like OPs mon was downing the tequila at 6:15 a.m. Good way to wake up, and it's a great way to stay in shape. (+100 internetz to whoever gets that Family Guy reference)

19- Mr. Rides-a-ten-speed-everywhere guy!

1, I love your profile picture.

Most likely she won't even remember she grounded you... Hopefully :)

You should stop trying to fuck with your mother's head. It's not very nice, and the kettle doesn't want to be brought into the middle of it.

Cyanide03 7

Someone needs to see a therapist. sorry, OP :/

Well if it isn't the pot calling the kettle black..

More like a rehabilitation center.

When that word is used, all I see is 'the rapist'. Analyst + therapist = Analrapist Making 23k a year, but what a title!

Psychotherapist = Psycho the rapist.

Well that escalated quickly...

The FML had nothing to escalate from... Your point is invalid

17- Tell me how you came to this conclusion? It did indeed 'escalate'. From mom yelling at the kettle, to her brain suddenly deciding that she needs to be paranoid and blame someone for her misfortune. And then basically attacking OP for no reason. It was terrible! Stupid kettle. I say she needs a stove top one for backup. Those electric ones can be pesky sometimes.

Lmao. Anchorman is an awesome movie. Anyone making an "invalid" comment about your comment, should obviously be smack in the mouth for just being dumb. Just saying.

DatRealAssTruth 3

Why do idiots say they deserved it jus because jus because they can? it doesnt make sense.

Your comment doesn't make sense.

Well, a little thing called democracy. But yes, in general, people are jerks.

40, please expand on democracy's impact on ydi.

coastiepat 0

Haha alcoholics live in new Zealand?

Wait! You mean New Zealand has alcohol? And alcohol in New Zealand fucks you up like anywhere else? And it's just as addictive??? NO WAY!!!

Who would have guessed New Zealand has that?!?!?! Thanks for teaching me something new!...

Wait everyone didn't you know? New Zealand is a actual country and guess what, it has people who wait for it drink!!! Amazing.

Sounds like someone woke up on the crazy end of the bed

I love the wording of this FML. Go the Kiwi's in the Test-match tonight against the Ausi's!!

mollysticks 10

Make her breakfast with soft gooey boiled eggs and sausage. Revenge.

trippythehippy 6

Nah a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray

If she was that fucked up, she probably won't remember grounding you.

olpally 32

She's fucked up in her own head... Yikes...seems like she's had more than just alcohol in her system...

lmaouloser 5

What did you do to the kettle?! How could you?! Plus you should have had coffee ready... Kind thing to do. Not saying I'd do it, but you wouldn't be grounded!