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  littlem91  |  29

Well, I did the same once. Of course I was maybe 10. Doing it as an adult is rather more stupid.
But, I still have sympathy as I remember how much it hurt!

  LilTiki559  |  13

its black hot the first time, push it again, it becomes Red. At least mine does, its still pretty hot both ways. As I touched it for a fraction of a second when it was black, it just turned my very top skin layer very dry and it peeled off with ease. when I did it?? Never burned myself to where I felt guys must gave held it there too long or put too much pressure onto it. Anyways, once I realized it was not red hot like in the movies, I pushed it again. When it popped back up it was Red, Smoking, Seemed Rather scary. I would not touch it Then..a warning to all of you who got burned and would think, well I wonder how hot is out now??

  B100110  |  6

After doing it for years and having the colour as an indication, when it's black it could be malfunctioning. You feel slight heat but it's not that hot, and you're not really going to place close enough to feel a lot of heat when you're driving.

By  WinterSanctity  |  21

I've done that. My friend had apparently heated it up and set it down after lighting her cigarette (we were at the park and she forgot her lighter). I picked it up to put it back and burnt my finger.