By HSampsON - 13/10/2013 21:20 - Niger - Niamey

Today, in revenge for me pulling the old salt-in-the-soda prank on him, my dad showed up at my college dressed in a tight blouse and miniskirt, demanding that I come home early with him. I think I'm going to be lynched next time I go to class. FML
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clearly outplayed

Your dad sounds awesome. That's hilarious.


clearly outplayed

he didn't even stand a chance lol

OP needs to get on his dad's level.

#17 - How do you get on that level? I didn't even know that level existed.

#19 Clearly you are new to the Internet if you didn't know that level existed. OP. your dad wins :) GG

Lol not trying to be racist here. But anyone else think it's ironic that he might get lynched in Africa?

\ 28

People will probably sympathize more with OP

His dad just bossed him so hard.

I think your dad won the internet. •_•

That's twisted lol

troll dad strikes again

Your dad sounds awesome. That's hilarious.

Something my dad would do too....

Father wins. Fatality.

For some reason this comment made he think of a hairy Italian man In a Sonja Blade outfit.... My brain sucks.

56, you sir are a ass hat that mental image is now stuck in my head they do not make brain bleach strong enough for this situation

Seems like you're going to have to outdo that one. Good luck to you, sir.

That's going to be difficult

Father: 1 Son: 0

Father: 1 Son: 1

I think out would be more like Son 1, Father 100.

Father - 1 You - 0

Never mind someone beat me to it!!

Father: 1 Son: 0 Fimogenfeels: 0

Can I borrow your dad forever?

-bursts into giggles- I wish my parents were that cool.

He deserves father of the year award.