By Anonymous - 12/01/2012 00:26 - United States

Today, while working at a pizza place with my girlfriend, I called my boss to tell him we were short on sausage. Under her breath I heard my girlfriend say, "sounds like somebody I know." FML
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oh time you smell fish, you know what to say. BUT, only cause she was mean first ;)

No meat-lovers today?


oh time you smell fish, you know what to say. BUT, only cause she was mean first ;)

It may be short, but at least its skinny!

lol. i wasn't trying to be mean. just kiddin around cause it's FML afterall

Maybe she was referring to her boss?

I think she was just dicking around with the penis jokes, I mean it sounds like a sausage fest at work already, who wouldn't want to cock about in a situation like that?

shanemaximo 7

Confucius say, even big sausage can't fill huge mouth.

asianbeezy_ 5

OP, at least she didn't tell you it was like an over cooked noodle inside a Pringles can

kirastarr808 3


Your Girlfriend is awesome. :)

No meat-lovers today?

DontModMeDammit 10

Did anyone else think this FML was going to end differently?

29-If it did, it wouldn't be on FML

DontModMeDammit 10

On the phone with boss, girlfriend makes sexual comment, boss hears it.. Still could be on FML.

I would love your meat.

The joys of working with your significant other.


There is a joy in it? (sarcasm)

It's rarely ever a good thing

It is kind of cute. She will always love him no matter how much sausage he has!

Michael_92 20

Soooo what did the boss say??

"okay, I'll put the order in". I'm guessing here.

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Is that really what you got from this FML? Relevancy fail.

Michael_92 20

No I know what was meant. I was being very general and just asking....completely irrelevant to the actual FML

heartless_fml 6

call your boss back; tell him you have some roast beef you could offer up instead.

say the yeast baking in the oven reminds you of someone you know.

JhunnySuperman 0

Ya then where does that get ex gf/co worker....a sore face from getting slapped...and still having a small sausage (pizza) wouldn't help him be any more confident hahaha

Good one :)

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Clever girl

tehrealone 6

Can someone explain

A yeast infection look it up @ google

K_kanaka 26

There's a saying my mom once said to me it's not what you don't got that matters but how you use what you do got OP. So do you know how to use what you got?

Michael_92 20

I'm gonna go ahead and say no. If he did she prolly wouldn't complain. Just my thoughts though.

K_kanaka 26

8 I agree with you.

...that's awkward for your mom to tell you that.

RedPillSucks 31

Some people have good communicative relationships with their parents. Not all parent-child relationships are dysfunctional.

It's not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean...

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Lies you ever want to cross an ocean in a row boat

did someone order up a slice of bitcharoni pizza?

*taps on shoulder* you gonna eat that? (referring to avatar)

That awkward moment when...

Your significant other puts you down like that

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A joke on fml doesn't getting as many "thumbs up" as you had hoped?

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

Bahahaa! That was a good one ^

Sounds like you came up short... :/