By poop - United States
Today, my mother surprised me with a new alarm clock. It's attached to a toy car which races around my room with obnoxious sirens going at full blast until I crawl out of bed and turn it off. She says this will be a regular thing. FML
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  cookie_3008  |  4

LOL It's a "Clocky"!! I got one for my sister 3 years ago and she hates it. >=D In all honesty, i would too.. and I'd sleep with a hammer under my pillow.

  iluvhobos  |  5

OP deserved it for needing the alarm clock in the first place. I don't understand why people can just get up when their alarm goes off. Besides, pressing the snooze button isn't worth it because the quality of the sleep gotten after pressing snooze isn't beneficial. You will end up being more tired in the morning than you would have been if you had just gotten up when the alarm first went off.

  maosquare  |  18

116 - Your argument is paradoxical. if you don't understand why people can get up when the alarm rings, I would assume that you can't get up when the alarm rings.

  chocol8m  |  6

Or, instead of hoping the earbuds don't fall out and possibly having to pay for the earbuds, OP could just turn if off at night b4 going to bed.

  girl112891  |  7

My brother could use this. He's 19 and still in high school. Why? Because he misses 90% of his classes. How? By sleeping in.
I've never been a morning person. My only working statagy: nag to myself about how I'll regret not getting up right now!!!!

  Cazzybum  |  11

There's a similar thing that sends a little spinning copter top flying around the room and the alarm doesn't go off until you catch the thing and put it back on the base. Brilliant!

  DjeePee  |  24

I have to find one for my boyfriend. Whenever his alarm goes off, he turns it off so he can 'wake up peacefully'. Which often result in him falling back afsleep.

  DocBastard  |  38

Actually, mothers and fathers all get indoctrinated into a top secret society upon the birth of their first child. We meet monthly to discuss the latest um...uh...

Hm, I've said too much. Come over here for a minute so we can, erm, talk.

*grabs chloroform*