By Kohsukeff - 6/12/2020 20:02 - United States - Gig Harbor

Overreact much?!

Today, my dad called me a "worthless human being", and told me that I'm "better off committing crimes and living life in a prison cell", all because I haven't gotten into the industry I studied for right out of college. I'm currently at a temp job doing accounting. FML
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By  lev  |  11

i know people who finished studying then went to work in a field that doesn't have its own degree and stayed there. it's not a big deal.

By  Jillian Cosby-Kelly  |  15

wow. I'd tell him thanks for the perfect example of how not to parent. sounds like you probably turned out pretty well despite his bullying, and that's not something he can take any credit for.
he clearly traumatized you into being a better person than he is.