By flipraff101 - 14/10/2009 09:20 - Australia

Today, I was at home and my boyfriend called me and said that I'd left my G-string at his house. I only have one G-string and I was wearing it. FML
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perdix 29

He meant the one you bought fot your guitar. Are you always this paranoid?


... Why? What's so great about having a wedgie all the damn time. @OP: You wouldn't happen to be the other woman of the guy who handed his girlfriend the wrong bra a while back, would you?

Sun_Kissed18 25

You actually don't feel it... I wouldn't be surprised lol

iseyixes 18

Well OP most guys don't know the difference between a thong, g-string or bikinis. So just let him explains first

ydi for having more grannie panties than g-strings

katarina956 0

Maybe she just has regular thongs and one g-string? And no matter what she didn't deserve that

maybe he confused another type of thong for a G-string? hopefully.

perdix 29

He meant the one you bought fot your guitar. Are you always this paranoid?

Probably an honest mistake--maybe it was his boyfriend's??

Squidipus 0

I'm getting really tired of all these oops those underwear aren't mine stories. Even worse are all the posters that try to defend the guy. Yawn.

i agree with 11 on being tired of these stories. I've never had a bf call and specifically say I left something at their house, I mean, shouldn't it be obvious? And it's not like you're going to lose contact with him.. If he's dumb enough to cheat AND call about specific things like that, seems pretty strange and it'd be better away from him anyways.

plutosaplanet 0

thats what im saying. how bout guys read these FMLs and learn not to call their girlfriends over stupid crap left at their house. if for some reason your girlfriend/girl youre cheating with/sister/mother says wheres my g string then you hand it over. in the meantime keep it in a safe place. these boys are so dumb