By Anonymous - 04/03/2013 08:02 - United States - El Cajon

Today, I woke up to find that my parents had replaced my regular alarm clock with a walking one that requires you to get up and find it. The alarm was set to 5:00AM, which would have been fine if it wasn't the weekend. FML
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They Clock-blocked your sleep.

Replace theirs with it in middle of night?:D


How long did it take you to find it?

fischerxx 10

I'm wondering how old op is...maybe this is a hint...

I am imagining a clock running around with a demented troll face... Classic parenting. ;)

Deja vu I have read this on FML before and I know I have because it was in my favorites but its not there now

Replace theirs with it in middle of night?:D

if my parents did that haha, jokes on them cause alarms dont wake me.

RedPillSucks 31

Pure genius. The trick is to get 3 or 4 of the MIT Clocky set one minute apart.

And put it in the vent so they can't reach it

Awesome!!! ...yet not..

Misswildsides 22

I have one of these. They're pretty cool, except mine was used and malfunctions and randomly goes of during the night sometimes.

Suck it up cupcake.

Troll parents strike again.

"U mad, son?" (yes I realize op is a girl)

Reminds me of my neighbors. We've got a competition going to see whose alarm can wake the other up the earliest.

wlddog 14

That is a horrible idea. That only encourages property damage.

Sounds like a terrible game.

I'm so so sorry...-pats shoulder-

Make them go find it!

KVKdragon 26

Wow, that is horrible. I know how you feel though. My parents made me stop using my regular alarm clock since the buttons are messed up but they think I don't turn it off. I have to use my smartphone alarm clock app (iHome+Sleep) to wake up :P

I don't think a smartphone alarm that you can set with a nice sound to wake up with and that lies next to you in bed really compares to a freaking walking clock what you have to find a 5 in the morning in the WEEKEND

KVKdragon 26

I was talking about the "parents changing certain things out of nowhere" kind of feeling. I agree that the walking alarm clock is horrible but that doesn't mean I was trying to upstage the OP and his FML with my comment about my alarm clock story :/

They Clock-blocked your sleep.

It's not just you. So many glorious comments come from that moustache.

Too many glorious comments. I'm becoming suspicious...