By RaceCar - 12/02/2010 19:24 - United States

Today, it's my sixteenth birthday and my mom promised me she'd buy me a car. She came home with a toy lego car. FML
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xundria 5

quit expecting everything to be handed to you. A lot of people don't get cars for their 16th birthday. A lot of people don't get their first car until after college and it's a piece of shit.

Hey! You got your car, quit whining!


thelolfml 0

LOL you should of asked if it was a real car or not, YDI. BTW FIRST!!!!! AND ALL OF YOU PEOPLE THAT SAY WOW WHO CARES YOUR FIRST, YOUR JUST JEALOUS

omfg that suck but atleast u got a car!:)

Is it a Lego Techinc, at least?

ohmygeezz 0

seriously cry me a river! quit being a spoiled brat I didn't get my own car till I graduated and it was not an fml situation in my opinion... am I the only that thinks so?

Today, I wasn't given a car for free. To add to that, I discovered I'm an ingrateful piece of shit, and a drain on society. FML

Reyo 2

I'm guessing it's less "she promiced to get youone" and more "you demanded that she get you one."

doink 0

Boohoo, you aren't as spoiled as you thought you were. FYL

crackiebob 0

buy your own car you cheap ass

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stupid bich. I like her sense of humor though

That will learn her? lol. WOW... You mean TEACH. But that's just stupid revenge. The OP should get off her lazy ass, get a job and BUY her own car.

146, it's a commonly used phrase "that'll learn him/her" I'm suprised you never heard it before

Not knowing a comon phrase? Wow!lol...

pcgeek 0

lol I asked for a sports car for Xmas. my gfs daughter gave me a hotwheels car. I thought it was so cute :). of course I was kidding about wanting someone to buy ne one. I've bought every car ice owned on my own. not that hard

@146 it's nearly impossible to get a job without transportation. there's a spot that ask you on every single application i've filled out. and if the OP doesn't live in city limits they would be SOL. so sometimes you have to expect things from the people who raised you. total FYL

cucuto89 0

Or, she could take out a loan like every other fucking person who wants a car. Seriously, unless your parents are rollin in the money, you shouldn't expect a car from them. They already raised you, you have to be on your own at some time or another

omg you poor thing! it must be hard knowing mommy and daddy aren't always going to buy you everything :( buy one yourself!!! and stop being such a spoiled brat.

it's called a bus pass, they aren't too expensive.

dude. it was a guy...

on the bright side! it's eco friendly! not that anybody with half a brain cares cuz all that greeny global warming crap is bs

riku3220 2

I'm curious. If someone's mom says their going to buy you something, then they'd expect them to buy it right? Why is somebody a "spoiled brat" if they weren't screaming their head off for it and when they didn't get it, start wailing like a baby? If my parents said they were going to buy me a car ofcourse I wouldn't expect the newest model, but damn it I'd expect them to keep their word about buying me a functional car. I also don't understand everyone telling the guy to buy his own car. He just turned 16 and he can barely make more than minimum wage. You expect him to buy a car when both of his parents have a steady income to support a family of 3+, a house, and possibly 2 other cars? They could've easily given him a junk car and he could've gotten a job to fill it with gas.

Actually, there's a thing called public transportation. I took the bus over seventeen kilometers to my job everyday all summer to buy my car.

R.I.P. my buried comment.. I just had my birthday last week.. Didn't get a car.. But I did get more than a Hotwheels, so I'm gunna keep defending OP.. The moral of the story is: When your parents promise you something, don't expect them to deliver.. Parents, of all people, rarely keep promises, especially important promises..

kratos1586 0

lmao i love ur profile pic!!!!!!!!

Perhaps she'll be able to get you a sense of humour next year.


You make me feel like crying.

omfg man that sucks but at least u got a car?:)

Exactly! It's not like she specified what type of car you were going to get.

at least u got a car:)

chibikari 0

YDI for leaving all your hopes and dreams relying on your mom.

Maybe you shouldnt expect too much

pongmaster 0

haha yay now you can play with your friends OP!

stupid op go to MLIA for that shit

madie_hearts09 0

shut up number 1 maybee she deserves it!!!!

that's exactly what I was thinking ! hahaha

tweetbaby14 18

hey why are you complaining legos are pimp

spez86 0

maybe ... aww never mind lol


Silense_is_loud 0

that is quite fucked up lol

Bugatti_Veyron 1

@oh-Dee you look really anorexic, plox eat some food. eat ALOT of food and don't throw it back up.

Averizzle 0

Anorexic people don't vomit their food.

Amazingly enough, they do. If someone is anorexic and they don't want to be found out, they sometimes eat food (usually happens in a group setting, like being out with friends), but because they feel like such fatties for eating, they go and puke it up. Doesn't mean the binge and purge all the time like Bulimic people, but if it comes down to it, they will.

Hey! You got your car, quit whining!

oh well... you're not the first one that's happened to on their 16th bday. My parents got me 2 cars back in the day on my 16th... a yellow dodge viper, and a vw bug convertible. Happy bday!

jossiegregg 5

@#6 well aren't you just a spoiled little bitch!!!! OP: haha that's hilarious! but I hope they were kodding lol

Averizzle 0

What if she isn't spoiled? What if her parents won the lottery and that is ALL they gave her out of it. Or what if she worked for it. Why resort to calling someone else a name over assumptions?

I'm pretty sure they were refering to toy cars not real ones. they said "you aren't the first that happened to"

hawkie409 0

Were they serious? If not, I love your parents. If they were...Slap them? idk, depends on you.

sharpl916 0

If YOU were the parents would you buy your teenager son/daughter a car which they would wreck in a month and thus leaves a huge impact on your finance? Unless you're some rich family's child, suck it up. You don't need a car until you're an adult and have a proper job

a car is so important in today's society if they get a shitty car it's more likely to cause a crash.

PsychoMerk 0

technically... she didn't Lie :p

xundria 5

quit expecting everything to be handed to you. A lot of people don't get cars for their 16th birthday. A lot of people don't get their first car until after college and it's a piece of shit.

xundria said it quit being a baby go get a job maybe they will go half in with u for tour 17th b-day, oh and BTW for my 16 th I got a stack of job aplications and some work pants and shoes

xundria 5

Don't make assumptions about someone you know nothing about. I'm 20 years old, have been working in the same establishment for a year and a half and go to college. I've been working since I turned 16 as well. luckily for me I was blessed enough to have a car given to me; however, it's a piece of shit so I have to put money in it left and right to keep it running. Remove your head from your ass.

xundria 5

I feel like a jackass after rereading what you said. I'm sorry, maybe I should remove my own head from my ass... o.o;

I got my first car at 14 so that when I turned 15 and got my permit I could learn to drive with my car, it was a great car too. makes sense right?

Pretty sure the FML is that OP was told he's getting a car from his mom. We don't know if he was even expecting a car until she said that, hence the FML for getting him excited about a car that she didn't plan on getting him.

Tell it like it is #9.

You are a little man-bitch.

poooook 0

man betchh !?

Cool, and you get to build it in different shapes! Why can't you buy your own car?

Haha, at least your mom has a sense of humour. Fuck off with your car. Go buy your own, you spoiled sod.

xundria 5

^ This.

Who said OP is spoiled? If someone told you they were bringing home dinner and they come home empty-handed, wouldn't you feel a little gipped? Oh sure, you could make dinner but you thought someone was doing something nice for you. It's the same concept. OP thought they were getting a car, and instead was handed a joke. Now if they proceed to swear and curse their mother then yes, that's unacceptable, but I feel these "spoiled brat" comments are a bit much.