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  cryptic26  |  12

I personally have to have an alarm go off every fifteen minutes for an hour before I have to wake up to actually get out of bed. I need that warning. However, I turn it off within the first 3 secs and it's at a low volume. But when I lived with bf, she had them go off every 5 mins for an hr bc she kept hitting snooze. And would sleep through them all. That is until I would scream "Kortney your alarm!!" She would hear it then. Point being is, if your up wake her up.


18, don't be a dick. You know what #1 meant. I always set multiple times for my alarm to go off, as I'm sure a lot of people do, and it's common practice to refer to them collectively as "alarms", plural. People correcting spelling/grammar/actual mistakes is annoying sometimes, but tearing apart semantics just so you can "correct" them is ridiculous.

  AnOriginalName  |  19

You are the worst kind of person. I had a roommate like that in the college dorms. He would sleep during the day, hit snooze for an hour, then finally get up in the evening. Then he would work on homework while the other roommate and I were sleeping at night. Then he would take a nap until two or three in the morning, hit snooze for an hour on his alarm, and repeat the whole thing. Two years later, I'm still pissed about that stuff.