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Today, my roommate's extremely loud and obnoxious alarm went off six times, waking me up each time, before she finally gave up on hitting the snooze button and went back to sleep for good. FML
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Inconsiderate roomies; responsible for FMLs everywhere

a bucket and ice water over the head is an alarm without a snooze button, and that's enjoyment to the person dumping it on the sleeper. have fun, OP


746278Ab 14

Hah I have six alarms too but they still don't work. If I were you I would have smashed that alarm!

Six alarms...? I'm pretty sure I read it saying one alarm went off six times...

OP should buy an air horn for when Said roommate does not wake up... lesson learned quickly.

ariiewilliams 17

If you have to set six alarms, and you still don't wake sometimes. Then don't have an alarm, just get someone to wake you up

I personally have to have an alarm go off every fifteen minutes for an hour before I have to wake up to actually get out of bed. I need that warning. However, I turn it off within the first 3 secs and it's at a low volume. But when I lived with bf, she had them go off every 5 mins for an hr bc she kept hitting snooze. And would sleep through them all. That is until I would scream "Kortney your alarm!!" She would hear it then. Point being is, if your up wake her up.

18, don't be a dick. You know what #1 meant. I always set multiple times for my alarm to go off, as I'm sure a lot of people do, and it's common practice to refer to them collectively as "alarms", plural. People correcting spelling/grammar/actual mistakes is annoying sometimes, but tearing apart semantics just so you can "correct" them is ridiculous.

42 I wasn't trying I was actually confused I didn't know that's what 1 meant. I don't use alarms clocks whoops my bad

Inconsiderate roomies; responsible for FMLs everywhere

Agreed. Yesterday, while I was taking my timed online final exam, my roommate asked me to get him some milk. Inconsiderate roomies errywhere.

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I'm guilty of doing that. I'll push snooze for like half an hour before I actually get up. My room mate hates it.

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You are the worst kind of person. I had a roommate like that in the college dorms. He would sleep during the day, hit snooze for an hour, then finally get up in the evening. Then he would work on homework while the other roommate and I were sleeping at night. Then he would take a nap until two or three in the morning, hit snooze for an hour on his alarm, and repeat the whole thing. Two years later, I'm still pissed about that stuff.

a bucket and ice water over the head is an alarm without a snooze button, and that's enjoyment to the person dumping it on the sleeper. have fun, OP

The ****. I have so much experience in this department it's infuriating.

Ask the roommate to turn it off next time instead of snooze if they know they won't be getting up so that you don't have to hear it repeatedly..

Oh I hate when roomies do that! To be fair though, I'm sure we're all guilty of doing this sometimes.

Well unfortunately many people in this world are assholes. Lots of them even do it on purpose D:

CurlyQute 17

Break her alarm clock... She obviously doesn't need it.

Put this extremely loud and obnoxious alarm into a glass and set it off right next to her head. She'll wake up, trust me. And possibly even pee her pants.