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  AFCA020  |  4

Hmmm then i would have first asked how much of a paycut it would be before saying how much i'd like my raise to be.. So i could meet up in the middle and still get a raise..

  maronofhearts  |  19

Yeah just pick one of those other jobs out there you know the hundreds of jobs waiting for you. Nevermind any benefits you might lose or pay could drop.
Just quit and find a new job because something moderately bad almost happened

  yahoowizard  |  16

Yeah, I mean, the boss was losing money and could have solved it by firing people, or letting people stay and take a pay cut. Look at it with my positive eyes and be happy, haha

  iliketofu  |  6

My point was not about getting laid. It was about leveraging yourself into getting a raise. Obviously, the world around OP isn't fair. My suggestion might end up being a win-win for everybody.

  KevLar33  |  4

You would lose money that way smart guy. If you got a raise of let's say 2% then took a cut at 2% you'd end up losing money not pulling even. Do the math and tell me I'm wrong.