By badcook - 24/09/2009 19:10 - United States

Today, my mother-in-law gifted us with a new microwave. I told her it was too much and we didn't really need it. Her response, "I just want my grandkids to have food that tastes good for once." I'm a chef. FML
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Just tell her, "I know what you mean, my husband said he had to eat the dog's food behind your back when he was growing up so he didn't starve."

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What a bitch >.


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DeadMansCrack 4

You should just have an "accident" involving her head in the microwave. FML's acting weird again, oh boy..

This sounds like something off of Everybody Loves Raymond

I was thinking that. How could microwaved food taste better than a chef's food?

YDI for having poor grammer.

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Ooo true that 42! Popcorn is good stuff! I mostly eat leftovers cold cuz the microwave ruins it :/

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#33, you are the biggest idiot of all time. You spelt "grammAr" wrong. Do you know what the word "irony" means?

You should have jokingly said something along the lines of "So stop feeding them when they visit you then."

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Um, "Mother and laws"??

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do you? (spelt) ????

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bitch much?

lol totally :)

chef boy rd ftw

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What a bitch >.

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Pffft, Mac N' Cheese, homie. Mac N' cheese.

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haha toss that easy mac in there..and in minutes you have what I call dinner

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Maybe you should have just said, "Thank you" instead of being rude and ungrateful.

Mmmmm, microwaved food.


Ya so much better than chef inspired freshly made food...

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Well what do you expect from a mother in law? But yeah, FYL.

My mother in law is absolutely wonderful, considerate, and kind. Any woman who has children that marry will end up being mothers in law. Women don't turn into horrible people just because their children get married.

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yes they do. all mothers-in-law are cold, horrible bitches.

haha but some actually kind and considerate, others like you said are just cold horrible bitches....

Damn, maybe Hot Pockets would be a wise choice. Um, CostCo has them cheap, and so does Walmart. Get the Family Size. Those are great. “There is one thing more exasperating than a spouse who can cook and won't, and that's a spouse who can't cook and will.”

Jim Gaffigan fan?

microwave does not equal good food. seriously fail.

I agree: as an aspiring chef, nothing I make in the microwave is nearly as good as what I make by hand. /Microwave's handy in a pinch, though.

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:0 slap that bitch

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Clearly she's batshit

Agreed #1& #2!!

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I agree with #17

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i also agree with #17's original comment.



General win! Private win! Sergeant win!

I agree with #11.

You should be able to favorite comments...T_T

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jackass, she was saying that because you were a jerk and tried to refuse her gift. and i agree with #12