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Today, I went to see my dermatologist friend for a free consultation on my terrible acne. During my visit, she said I probably won't be getting any more pimples. Excited, I asked her how she could tell. She replied, "There's no more room for it." FML
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Puberty's a bitch. But honesty is a bitch as well


xoconnie 8

some "friend" ya got there man!

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And sometimes free consultation isn't the way to go..

Maybe she was trying to be funny? I do that to my friends sometimes.. guess that makes me incentive..

She was probably just kidding around, because that's what friends do sometimes.

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Hopefully she went on to give you some good old roacutane.

lovely friend.. that would boost my self confidence..

Been there. It's bad, but hopefully as you get older, you'll grow out of it. With severe acne, a mild antibiotic and some sort of topical lotion should help. Maybe ask her about a similar treatment...?

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33 yeah, sure that makes you incentive we will go with that...

Oh gosh... that's terrible, but hilarious. The friend was bitchy, but I'm sure she meant it in a loving way. One hopes, anyway...

Expand your face at a plastic surgeons so there's room. Problem solved

I'm not sure that's the solution she was looking for..

Obviously nobody saw my sarcasm, although I did laugh at that ^

66- your picture. your picture, oh my gosh. (imagine that in a voice that just hates that they love it(;) haha oh and I got your sarcasm, don't worry some people on this site can still spot sarcasm!

I got ur sarcasm and thought it was funny. but 56's comment was hilarious if u ask me.

That's ****** up. There's laser treatments and things like that. I hope you find a solution!

Puberty's a bitch. But honesty is a bitch as well

I hear bitches are also bitches as well. OP should look out for bitches.

The way you're talking, pretty much everything's a bitch

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Judging by her having a friend who's a dermatologist, chances are she's an adult with acne. It could be a teenager, but to me it seems like an adult wrote this. Anyways, the 'friend' is a total bitch and I really dislike people who are mean to others without any provocation.

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Aw. I'm sorry. That sucks. Try washing your face more. But only once a day.

That could potentially make it worse. I have some cream called Clearasil that dries out the skin to make the pimple pop naturally.

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I hate people who think that those with acne are just SO unhygienic that if they just "washed their faces!" they'd be zit free. I battled acne for four years, and trust me, washing my face is not a miracle cure.

Ya! Exactly. Acne actually a skin condition that doesn't just go away

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39 - miracle cure is dishwashing soap, but don't use it too often

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That does NOT work. I had heaps of pimples/acne all through high school, and it wasn't until I later went on the pill that they all went away. Which. Was. Amazing. Creams don't work.

What?? Birth control gets rid of acne??? :o

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82 it sometimes does. it has different effects on different women!

54, thank you for your opinion. but stop making blanket statements based on your, and only your, experience and calling it fact. I got a cream and it worked wonders for me

Thank you, No. 39. When I was in high school I washed my face at least 6 times a day but still got called a dirty pig and told that I needed to wash my face with soap and water as if I had never heard of soap and water. I never understood why people thought I was too stupid to wash my face. The rest of me was neat and clean and I was an honors student so it wasn't as though I were mentally deficient. Non-acne sufferers just don't get it. I washed and washed and washed and 10 minutes later my face was completely greased over and a fresh crop of pimples was making an appearance. It was miserable.

mrsmillsy 10

#94 - pretty sure you used the word fact, not me, sweetheart.

Just pour a spoonful of honey on your face and leave it on the acne parts. Do this until the pimples go away, worked for me :)

Just pour a spoonful of honey on your face and leave it on the acne parts. Do this until the pimples go away, worked for me :)

Just pop a bunch, then you'll have more room.

Just fall on your face, Op. That should pop a good amount.

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Expect popping them only makes the problem worse. Then you have oil from your hands all over your face, as well as future acne scars.

Also possibly a worse infection and also depending on where you pop it on your face it might get infected, travel to your brain, and kill you. (or at least that's what I've been told). If you have such an urge just use bubble rap, never tried it but it should pop just as badly as it seems OP's pimples are.

34) Thats why you wash your face first, pop the pimple(unless it isn't ready), then put alcohol on it.

Popping pimples spreads the infections Through other layers of your skin. Notice how when you pop one, more will occur around that infected area. Also you're adding more bacteria into the the already infected area, and as previously stated, popping and scarring come hand in hand.

Yes but still if you do that when you pop it the bacteria inside your pimple would normally be pushed back in further causing a worse infection

How rude. I hope you two aren't that close anymore. No one deserves to hear that, and as a dr she should know its not your fault, it's a medical condition that needs treatment.. I'm sorry OP

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lol whatever. truth sucks, huh?


Yeah, imagine how much worse you'd feel if you'd have actually paid for that advice!

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Society's definition of "professional" seems to lower every time I open FML.

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Use the money you saved from not paying a dermatologist to go buy some acne cleanser