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Well known lesbian symbol ? I dont know any lesbian symbols ...

After the operation he is her son. Maybe she is trying to tell you what he didnt


Ow that hurts. Maybe she's sending you a signal. First

I bet you cry "First!" when you're having sex, too...

hahaha good one! xD

Yeah, we miss out on all that virus fun and we think Trojans a brand of condoms.

He can't proclaim 'first' during sex... He's done both hands many, many times.

Who the hell came up with Trogans for the condom. The Trojans let the horse in and the thing that wasn't supposed to get in got in.

I agree. Worst product name ever. Except for Ayds Diet Candy. I am sure that the name Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was created by the people at Dexatrim. Before we started to hear about AIDS in the early 1980's, there was a diet candy called Ayds. The disease actually helped you lose weight faster, but it also caused death. The candy did not survive.

The horse was needed because of Troy's insurmountable wall.

dude this has been submitted before and it was like 2 months ago op if ur gonna copy someone try one that's little older fyl indeed

Yeah but if the horse is akin to the condom then the soldiers are...

act like you are coming on to her

Or maybe she did? We must step aside and ponder.... _____________________

After the operation he is her son. Maybe she is trying to tell you what he didnt

After that "Ben" FML, you really have to wonder... >.>

Well known lesbian symbol ? I dont know any lesbian symbols ...

When you say interlocked, are you talking about the scissor? MMM scissoring

Scissor me crazy!!

Pink triangle.

It's two female symbols (O+) interlocked.

Oh, how I love having these symbols available on hand. ;D ♀ Too bad there isn't a lesbian one... Yet. In case anyone ever wants it, here's the male one as well. ♂

Scissor me timbers!

OP should have been more specific. But I don't think it's this, because it would be too obvious.


Scissor like its 1999.

I hope you know her "son" only LOOKS like a guy

Hey, dont get offended! its only a rainbow! Or maybe her "son" hasnt told you yet he is a girl :)

She was probably telling you that she wants you. She wants you bad. FYL.

Yeah. This.

haha and I love the propic

That may be, but it still is a little insulting.

stop trying

Thinking she had no idea what the symbol was and just thought it was pretty or interesting.

Nautical Star?

aaaand he strikes again.

rofl good one plexico

I would think you were gay for your "Apple logo" too, rainbow striped or not. ;)

Oh, Toxi, you just want to think you "converted" me back to straight when you have your way with me.

maybe she knew the story behind the logo....

Yeah, you're right. More of a conquest that way. :) You and your damn Macs. Ugh.

how would an apple logo make you gay?

It's a joke, CL41RE. Oh, I'm so sorry I have a running joke/conversation with another user! I guess I'll let you into the loop. I was jokingly disagreeing with him for the sake of argument and fun. I was putting down all Apple products just to disagree. There.

Seriously, 40? It's a joke, YOU must have a really low self esteem if subtext's comment put you down. and I'm glad I clicked "reply to #40" and FML put my reply on another comment.