By lauziej93 - 10/11/2015 09:24 - Spain - Logro?o

Today, my mother-in-law became my boss. FML
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God have mercy on your soul.

sylvienoir 18

I don't think this would be an FML if she liked them.


Well, she bossed you around before anyway, so it probably ain't that big of a deal. Cheer up, OP.

Does she like you?

sylvienoir 18

I don't think this would be an FML if she liked them.

I feel for you

I think if she did this most likely wouldn't be an FML. Sounds like one of those typical "my mother-in-law can't stand me" scenarios.

Worst part; you'd have to divorce your spouse just to get away from her.

lexiieeex3 32

Not if she's still OP's boss?

If they just quit, they're not rid of her. If they quit and divorce, then they're rid of her.

If the couple want to get away, they'll just leave the city or state. They don't need to divorce. What kind of shit is that

Just so she can try to control one more aspect of your life. Good luck, OP!

God have mercy on your soul.

Shortest and most easily understandable FML ever.

This is either the start of a good porno or hell on earth.

Not exactly a dream come true.

Have you tested yourself for Sitcom Protagonist Syndrome? Symptoms of SPS include an omnipresent studio audience, hearing laughter during awkward moments, and a proclivity for one-liners.

My only advice: quit.

18, please never marry.