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Today, my mom sent me beautiful candlesticks along with some half burned candles. I thanked her. She told me the candlesticks were a wedding gift to my grandmother 85 years ago. Then she said the candles were used at my grandma's wedding. I had already lit them. FML
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Oh wah. Blow out the flame and quit yo' bitching.

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Youd think shed tell you that before....


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Youd think shed tell you that before....

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That's what I was wondering. That seems like the kind of thing somebody would send with a letter or picture explaining their significance. Otherwise, the receiver might wonder why they were getting used candles.

19, are you really that stupid? The reason the candles are sentimental is that they were a gift at her grandmother's wedding. Do you see how that's a bit different than a toilet?

No, candles just arent sentimental. Candlesticks, yes. Candles, no.

candles are just wax i dont know how they can be that important

melt them completely and make a wax portrait of ur grandmas face with it.

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hahahahahaha i agree with # 19

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Lmfao that's a win #19

don't u people realize guys don't have the same sentimental values? when my dog chewed my wedding bouquet apart, my husband said, finally a reason to get rid of it. so...#19, funny! u win!

I agree with #19, they're candles. and what's the point of having them if you're not going to light them?

agreed with pendatic. anything can be sentimental

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I agree with 19

Aw, that burn's OP... what a punny surprise to know the candles were your grandma's!

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Blow them out... that sounded weird

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haha #40 but her grandmas probably dead

#97 And? You can still make a portrait. And the OP is talking about candlesticks that were a wedding gift - wouldn't you keep it?

31 and Money is just paper right?

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How is that an fml? What would you do with candles besides light them? On second thoughts, not sure I want to know the answer to that.

Dang it #2, now you put thoughts in my head about the possibly use of candlesticks. Darn the pregnant pause...

one chick used her moms special candles for masterbating; then her mom used then and it smelled like burnt vag. cause the wick absorbed the juices.

I don't understand why her mom lit them if their "special" candles, unless her mom claimed them to be special cuz she secretly used them for the same purpose. so it'd be hard to tell which persons burnt vag smell it was. either way, that is totally gross!

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It seems like none of you guys realize that the significance of the candles were that they belonged to her grandmother. That's like saying "oh that doll that my mother played with when she was a child and that she passed onto me is worthless now that I don't play with it."

They belonged to her grandmother, and she might have been expected to use them at *her* wedding...

Anythings a condom if you're brave enough

#107 Wrong it's 'anythings a ***** if you're brave enough

wait, what? are you not allowed to light the candles? surely the holders are the more valuable part?

Oh wah. Blow out the flame and quit yo' bitching.


exactly #4 it's that simple

#4 exactly

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Exactly what I was thinking.


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+1, #4

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Yeah, I mean OP was obviously AT the wedding, right?

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Wow, maybe stop being retarded, he obviously wasn't being sarcastic, or anything.

Take a pic of the candles for sentimental value n burn them damn it >.<

wow! Really? Over this, your life is F'ed? I agree with #4

Christ #4 is right blow them out your life ain't ******

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man i wish there was a who cares button = this is such a MLIPPKM ( my life is pointless please kill me)

LoL .. I agree. The webmaster should probably add that functionality

evidently op is slow. by the time she found out, they were probably burned away. 

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blow them out...

I'll blow you out Sugarbaby!!

I love Afro-Samuri!!!