By knews / Thursday 18 March 2010 04:46 / United States
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  ISellHerbs  |  0

Wow I never knew candles were that sentimental? What other useless stuff are you going to save? The toilet your grandfather took his last shit in?

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

That's what I was wondering. That seems like the kind of thing somebody would send with a letter or picture explaining their significance. Otherwise, the receiver might wonder why they were getting used candles.

  iwadasn  |  32

19, are you really that stupid? The reason the candles are sentimental is that they were a gift at her grandmother's wedding. Do you see how that's a bit different than a toilet?

  hmmmummhmmm  |  0

don't u people realize guys don't have the same sentimental values? when my dog chewed my wedding bouquet apart, my husband said, finally a reason to get rid of it. so...#19, funny! u win!

  hmmmummhmmm  |  0

I don't understand why her mom lit them if their "special" candles, unless her mom claimed them to be special cuz she secretly used them for the same purpose. so it'd be hard to tell which persons burnt vag smell it was. either way, that is totally gross!

  amazinggbaby  |  2

It seems like none of you guys realize that the significance of the candles were that they belonged to her grandmother. That's like saying "oh that doll that my mother played with when she was a child and that she passed onto me is worthless now that I don't play with it."

By  MidgetMonster  |  0

that is seriously stupid. and she just HAD to rush to light them right out of the box. derrrr!!! you'd think she should have known about them... being her daughter and all.

  ashlynn610  |  11

The OP was obviously not at the wedding. It was her GRANDMA'S wedding, that was 85 years ago. The OP wasn't even alive then, so how could he/she be at the wedding?

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