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Today, my mother found a hickey on my neck. Not believing that it was from the hungry 2-month-old child I was holding, she confronted my boyfriend about it. He promptly accused me of cheating. FML
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Of all the things you could say, you pick this?

7 - your comment or number 1's? Doesn't really matter, they both suck:) 1 - there is a button for that;)

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I think the real question is why would you let a two month old suck on your neck?

Stop bitching about 1's comment. We know it's pointless, get over it...

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it's just a comment people..move along now..

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How many people missed 1's pun? At least two of you have. I'm pretty sure the winky face indicates punny-ness.

Seriously, this was one of the few times someone could say "That sucks" and have it actually mean something and most of you missed it.

@Op First of all, your mom doesn't love you or she wouldn't have told him. Secondly, that is all.

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When a baby nurses they suck on everything when they are hungry.

80- a mother should not condone her daughter cheating on a significant other. I would hope my boyfriend's mom would tell me if my boyfriend was cheating and vise versa (granted that they had proof of course). Plus, the mom didn't think her daughter cheated.

It was none of the stupid mother's business in the first place. She should keep her shit-stained nose out of other people's asses.

111 - If OP lives in her mother's home and is under 18, it IS her business.

16, for me in Australia. Its not illegal for her to be kissing him, retard. And if you really think people wait till 18 to have sex with each other these days then you are a moron.

#101 ive had two breastfeeding babies and neither sucked on peoples necks

I've had a breastfeeding baby and she didn't suck on my neck but she did suck on my chin. Just because your babies didn't doesn't mean other babies don't.

Sorry op your boyfriend hung you out to dry before even getting your side of the story. You might want to consider letting him go if he's so quick to jump to conclusions.

Oh like there's a million okay excuses for a hickey and he's the only guy in the world that would jump to that. You shouldn't just accuse someone, but I'm assuming they're younger, and not all people have a handle on their jealousy when they're young. Shouldn't dump someone you supposedly care about because they think you cheated without spending the time to show/explain you didn't =/.

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Girls lie And cheat. Get over it. Even if not in action, maybe in mind. Lusting over other guys

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46- I guess I'm weird, then? Because I don't fantasize about people who aren't my boyfriend. We've been together for 4 years next April.

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Ma'am, is that a strawberry in your mouth? Why aren't you eating it?

Cheating should never be the first thing on your mind if you see a hickey on your boy/girlfriend. If you can't trust your partner enough to think that there must be a reason for things like this other than cheating, you shouldn't have a partner. A relationship is not about making sure your partner is not cheating, it's about trusting your partner and give him/her the benefit of the doubt!

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Theres always a reason to 'let a significant other go' it seems

#46 people only cheat when there's a problem in the relationship? Hahahahahahaha

46, you need to get out of that fantasy land you live in. Some people are douche bags who don't give a **** about anything but getting laid. Doesn't matter the gender, sexuality, race, or ethnicity. Scum bags come in all different packages. People can have the perfect relationship and they will still cheat.

Hey, us scumbags take that offensively. Cheaters are at least half a step below us.

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I'm not saying that every situation is the same when it comes to cheating. In my experience people only cheat when there's something wrong. There can be situations where someone in the relationship only cares about getting laid. I didn't mean to make it seem like that was the be all end all. And again not saying everyone fantasizes about others outside their relationship but its not cheating if you do and it's normal. Every person is unique so it's up to each person what they do and why they do it. But thank you for all jumping down my throat

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If that's not what you meant you probably shouldn't of said "only" and "everybody".

63 - Yes, which is why I included the part about assuming they are young. Controlling jealousy isn't something you just are naturally good at for a lot of people. You can love and trust someone but still want to kick the crap out of someone that flirts with your significant other. If they're teens or even early 20s, it's understandable and it's something they need to talk about so he can learn to not jump to those conclusions right away. Dumping him without discussion would just reinforce it. If they're in their 30s or something, then the guy needs to grow up and act like a man who has the maturity to deal with all the bumps in the road during a relationship.

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I've had that happen. I've also had hickeys from a cat :)

Hickeys from a cat??? That sounds painful more than anything

It would be more like a snake bite than a hickey..

A hickey from a cat? Did you pull out all of its teeth before or what?

It's kind of gross to let the baby suck on your neck long enough to produce a hickey. Ever hear of a pacifier? I know not all babies like them but your neck? Ick...

5- you look like someone I know named Revae. But it was that same pic, but with a blue tongue. Are you? Also, I wouldn't of thought cats could give a hickey. Since you need the lips and cheeks to create the suction. (yes they suckle when they are young, but that's something that goes in their mouth. So unless there's a skin fla... Oh wow, I'm going to stop before I gross myself out.)

Trix_Disorder 20

I confirm that cats can give hickies. When a kitten has been weened from their mother too early, they suckle and kneed on other things impulsively. My friend had a kitten that would suckle on your arm if you let it.

boycrazy30007 12

It was a kitten that was weaned to soon so he tried to nurse from my neck in the middle of the night and the baby didn't give me a hickey I meant I'd had a baby suck on my neck before.

boycrazy30007 12

75 I don't know you and they actually can produce a suction without lips it's really common in kittens who lose their mothers. Though some of them like sucking on earlobes or even your pinky finger.

Time to trade up boyfriends and avoid hungry babies.

That's why you don't let a toddler get to second base on you

mimiminx 23

The baby is not a toddler. It's 2 months old.

It could be worse OP . The child could have been teething.

Ah, that might be awkward... "I swear, sweetie, I'm not a fang banger."

There is always a story behind everything... Unfortunately your proof lies with that child.... Good luck!! =D

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49- I mean that picture is all over google and it is years old. It's probably fake on the other girl too. Oh well.

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That baby is already a home wrecker! Good Lord!

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I bet that was bruising to your relationship.