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Today, while waiting for a doctors appointment, my husband started playing angry birds. Continually losing the game ended up raising his blood pressure to the point where he now has to have his medication changed. The new medication is $100 copay. FML
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Warning: angry birds may cause elevations in blood pressure and a hatred for pigs

borkchop1992 15



borkchop1992 15


Ain't nothing like being in a bad mood and spreading it around

Doodle jump > angry birds. Just my opinion though.

BehindU 5

Maybe he should play that angry Chad game

Yeah OP well you should try playing angry birds.That shit is frustrating

Buy the mighty eagle :D

n_epic_fail 14

And we wonder why people think America is a joke. you take this game and there are commercials and stuffed animals and god knows what else out there promoting a game that causes high blood pressure, but then again that's when you know your doing your job, it's called angry birds... no false promises there.

Angry birds can be frustrating as hell

Tell him no drinking and not angry birds. I'm too fuckd up to say so myself. it's Friday night my bas

Angry win from the doctor's prospective?

Well, I call OP's husband a hero. That man tried so hard to rid the world of egg-snatching pigs.. *bows and sheds a tear*

30, the game doesn't cause the high blood pressure, it's the fact that whoever is playing it can't play or can't handle losing (or not winning in this case).

Get crush the castle. It has blackholes and napalms.

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What can I say? Angry birds gets intense.

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Almost anything can be frustrating....I react violently when playing Mario Kart

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I'll never have this problem, as I hate angry birds.

KY_Jelly 10

Don't you hate these "app" things?

Considering I'm on this website using the FML app... not really.

2- I don't see any mention of a job application in the FML. You, sir or madam, have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You should really look at the context of the FML before you go raving about random crap that has nothing to do with the FML.

11- Riiiiiiiiiight. That's some mighty blowin' trollin' you are doing there.

11- wtf are you smoking? your comment is not relevent in any sense to 2's comment. plus, you pretty much just contradicted yourself by raving about what 2 said, great job.

24- Made the troll gods happy with that one didn't I ;) 27- Holy shit, I think you're catching on to the entire point of my post sans-first-sentence.

TrinityisLife 22

I might just be completely lost, but you DO realize that Angry Birds is a phone app? O_o

36- I do, I own all three Angry Birds apps I'm just being a troll for once, I thought it was kind of fun :)

Majstr 23

I hate when I can't beat a level.

40- that wasn't really trolling. You just kinda confused people on what the hell you were talking about

What, people hate equivoval humor now?

Yup.... That's ANGRY birds for ya.....

I see what you did there...

Thing about angry birds: the player always ends up angrier than the birds.

Warning: angry birds may cause elevations in blood pressure and a hatred for pigs

So just move to a country with free healthcare and enjoy Angry Birds? I'm just saying.

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That's why it's called angry birds

gotta love the American health system:D ( sarcasm*)

Better than almost anywhere else in the world, my friend.

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That why I live in Canada :) And all you Americans I'm not insulting you. You should come live here.

Are you joking?

8 is right. this whole insurance thing and prescription meds and the way they are handed out starts to become pretty ridiculous. obviously not in all cases. but definitely in most.. you kind of have to experience it to realize it. and also maybe try not to believe that everything the U.S. does is for the "better". shit is corrupt.

Are u joking?

Canada is better, you don't have to worry about those expensive bills after having to go to the emergency room. It's just one less thing to worry about.

leadman1989 15

We spend the most... and treat the least amount of people? How's that anywhere near the best?

remz89 3

yes but regardless the op is talking about the cost of the medicine not health care. You seem to forget medication is still something you've got to pay for unless you have insurance.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Most of the time you don't even need medication, unless your condition has gotten completely out of control and gone too far. Especially for blood pressure. There's tons of ways to bring it down without taking a single pill.

My favorite bird is the green one. It's adorable.

irishgirl92x 1

nah like like the yellow

The black bomb, it reminds me of myself. Boom.

The black one had just left the cotton field btw.

kickazz16 15

Lol, those games are intense. One kid was playing during class and got up and screamed out of anger.

I've never understood what's so great about angry birds..

Nikkitaria 9

Dude, you launch birds... at pigs! How can you not love it?

EnEl_Infierno 15

33 right, and for the next episode we should be able to launch birds at garden gnomes, now that be freaking awesome.

Thank u lol it's just a knock off of older more awesome games like crush the castle with blood and a ****** catapult!

Na. The most played game on my Ipod is Dead Space. Fun as hell.

No no no plants vs zombies is the way to go

it is called "angry birds