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Today, my mom is going with me for a general check-up at the doctor's office. She just told me she had a nightmare last night that she went to the doctor with me, and he told her I'm pregnant. I am pregnant. I was about to tell her. FML
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hey guess what I'm first and I'm a FAG

Actually, in reference with your username, you're more likely a furry. But I suppose furry and fag DO go hand-in-hand.

Not all of the furry is like that.. That a shame to the fandom :

Asshole. I'm a furry, and I'm straight. Stereotypes are bad. Don't use them.

lawl Learn how to take a joke. And get the hair out of your ass. No pun intended. Hahaha. People are so whiny these days.

>_> I'm tired of being discriminated against merely because of lifestyle choices.

So is every gay, jew, 'African American', etc.etc.etc. Yet I know plenty of black people who laugh at watermelon fryin' chikkins jokes, and a lesbian friend who make jokes about 'turning us' so she'll have someone to go to hell with. If you can't laugh at yourself, you're going to have one LONG, boring life. And PS: I draw anthropomorphic art. I am also striaght. People are just too high-strung these days to make fun of themselves, and it's sad. Also: Surely you KNEW what you were getting into with this 'lifestyle choice'. You can't be TOO surprised that people make fun of it, can you? I know I can't. There are some freaky people in the fandom. :/

hey, furries don't **** animals. I think people who **** animals are zoophiliacs lol?

Yes, and there are some in the 'furry fandom'. There are also some pedophiles in the furry fandom. And people into rape. And murder. Just because the freaky stuff they're into is in a separate category, doesn't mean they're not freaks altogether. And the fandom is rampant with them.

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You know some dreams ARE of events that will happen in the future. A few months ago, my friend told me he had a dream of a conversation I had with someone else.

Oh, I love to laugh at myself. I just don't like broad generalizations about the fandom >_> and PS- I'm totally into [insert strange thing here]. I just love it.

Well, I do. Because they're funny. And that's where things conflict. So, we'll agree to disagree, yes?

Wait, so...the original comment was removed so I can't be certain,'re insulting each other because one of you is equating homosexuality with furry fandom? Well, I come from the other side of the fence, I guess. I think homosexuality is a-okay as long as it's between willing adults, but having sex with animals who have no idea wtf you're doing to them is a dot dot...? Unless you're one of those elusive non-fetishist furries, in which case, um, good for you?

He said something along the lines of "FIRST, I'm a fag". And I made a joke that, because of his username 'fuckducks', he was more likely a furry than a fag. BUT THEN NO WAIT the two are always together anyways. And people took it too seriously. Ai-ai-ai!

Except that's 15 years old and not funny anymore. Played that shit in 4th grade, mangggg. I'm scorekeeper. ;D

Maybe you shouldnt be sleeping around if youre a teenager...

it dosent say its a teen god one person says it and now its true read it better

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what adult goes to the doctor with their parent duh it's a teen

Just because she's a teen doesn't mean she sleeps around...

#200, My sister did that and still often does that for check ups for her pregnancy despite being an adult. A lot of people who are close with their parents often bring them for stuff like that for support.

#207 the fml says it was for a *general* check up, as in not specifically for her pregnancy, which, like #200 said, most adults don't go with their parents to..

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ha ha i know right. OP at least you're brave enough to tell her. I got told on before I got the chance to get it out. but mine was a happy ending he now lives with an amazing couple :) best of luck where ever this takes you

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ur just saying that cause u can't get laid lol

There is nothing wrong with sex outside a marriage. Definitely since condoms and pills were invented.

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don't be a spastic, use the plastic!

Oh my [whoever is watching over us, if anyone is], that's awesome.

There is one upside telling her infront of a doctor this way she can't just outright kill you she has to pay off other witnesses first.

"Bon Courage" in life on that one, snik'