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Today, my dad called to wish me a happy birthday. I said thank you but informed him that my birthday is tomorrow. He told me that I was wrong and screamed at me for 20 minutes. When I still wouldn't agree with him, he hung up and turned my phone service off. FML
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The worst part about this is that he did this last year as well. Except last year, he called TWO days early and tried to shrug it off as a joke. This year, I think he was just super embarrassed and felt like crap. He DID turn my phone back on and called me today (the right day this time) and apologized. Said he was stressed from work. Maybe next year? 3rd time is the charm, right? I mean, he is getting closer to the right day....

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I bet he just didn't want to confess to not knowing his son's bday lol don't worry OP, he'll get over it


I bet he just didn't want to confess to not knowing his son's bday lol don't worry OP, he'll get over it

OP is a female. But yeah, what you said is probably what happened.

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maybe you were lied to your whole life, and when your dad tried to tell you and maybe you were the one in denial..

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I'm the OP. And you just changed my entire life view. That's totally possible....

A girl I went to college with celebrated her birthday on the wrong month and her parents thought she was a year younger because they forgot when she was born and lost her birth certificate. When they got a new one they picked a random date and said that was her birthday.

How does any of that make sense? 1. How do you forget what month your child is born 2. you can't change a birth certificate after you filled it out without a judge. 3. how would BOTH parents and all of their family not remember the kids birthday. I'm calling bullshit on either you or the one that told you this.

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My mother wrote a biography for a woman who was in her early 90s. When they researched her history, they found out she was actually four years younger than she thought!

He calls you again yelling "I meant happy birthday eve!"

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He did something like that last year.... Lmao

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maybe you were born on a different day and to keep it a secret involves this huge plot that keeps the world from going into nuclear war and he sometimes forgets each year and so he yelled at you this time because he wants you to wake up and stop believing the lies and put the world's fate in its own hands

At risk of stating the bleeding obvious, your father's a loony. I just hope for your sake it's not the hereditary kind.

You don't know that. There are a lot of life events which cause memory problems. Maybe op's dad is a combat vet with PTSD? That destroys your memory.

Memory isn't the problem. Not dealing well with being told he's wrong (regardless of whether he actually is) is the problem.

My grandpa only ever called me once to wish me a happy birthday. Too bad it was my brother's birthday.

Wow, just shows how much your grandpa cares for you; my sincerest condolences.

this comment is more of an fml than the actual fml.

What if your parents had been lying to you your entire life and your dad was actually right but he forgot that he lied to you?!

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Wow someone's got anger issues! Sorry op I know the feeling, well HAPPY BIRTHDAY OP!!!

Damn he really doesn't like to be wrong. Perhaps as your mum for support so you can get your phone turned back on.

"Dad of the Year"..... or not... Sorry OP...