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  enonymous  |  8

Fuck that this mom is awesome capt crunch and cocoa puffs 24/7 . AND it's a part of a healthy breakfast. All you need now is some morning cartoons and lounge on the couch.

By  nephilim241  |  19

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  Rainbow35  |  6

I'd assume they're too young, like maybe 14 or something?
That's not really too young I suppose, but maybe their mom won't give them money? And I think 14 or so is too young to get a job, at least it is where I am.

  TraceCase_  |  19

I'm sure all of us were dependent on our parents to do the grocery shopping for us when we were kids. There are quite a few of those on FML and that's likely the case here. OP doesn't necessarily deserve it.

  wendyyyy  |  0

technically you have to be 17 to use this website... so I'd hope OP is slightly more mature for having good spelling/ grammar while on the website.

  OL_What_FER  |  1

Sure 14 is old enough to cook for yourself but you can't make a gourmet meal out of popsicles no matter how old you are! Logic fail . Also how many 14 year olds can drive to the store and buy their own food? Logic double fail

  SunDropGirl  |  0

ok citrusgirl. we hve the same picture and that's the same thougt that first thought that came to my mind ... I think I need to getbo know you because we seem to think in the same ways!