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Today, my mother went shopping. She bought three boxes of Popsicles and a giant stuffed dog. She did not buy dinner or toilet paper. I've eaten nothing but cereal and popcorn for three days now. FML
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get money from her and buy food for YOU

iAmScrubs 19

At least you have a stuffed dog to stroke and calm you down


get money from her and buy food for YOU

Hey, she bought Popsicles. Now you can eat popcorn, cereal AND Popsicles!

eponina 0

you made an assumption that op is old enough to work and drive to the store

#1 is right, it says my MOTHER..... most people who would complain about thier mom not getting them food would not be old enough to afford food

Daerauko 0

lol could be some creepy 30 year old virgin playing WOW living in the basement. *screams up from the basement* mom! I want a potpie!

enonymous 8

**** that this mom is awesome capt crunch and cocoa puffs 24/7 . AND it's a part of a healthy breakfast. All you need now is some morning cartoons and lounge on the couch.

DudeImBetter 0

I'd be pissed off if it wasn't the cereal with sugar in it.

I wonder what op is using for toilet paper

rockyraccoon28 8

Think of all that fibre! Your body will enjoy the detox

Well at least she's covered two of the seven white trash food groups; seriously though OP, I worry about you...

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hey popcicles and popcorn with cereal is amazing. well not really. Go get 10 bucks and buy something to eat

"MA! THE MEATLOAF! ****!!" lol stupid thing was supposed to be after #38 LOL

well atleast you weren't forced to eat toilet paper...

jesscarrr 10

1- agreeeeeeed. OP if you're old enough to work out how to post an FML then your old enough to buy yourself food..

I didn't know posting FMLs was such a complex process.

I could post a fml when I was 10... you'd be a rich ass 10 year old to buy food for yourself....

22cute 17

Is she on drugs? Sure sounds like it

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I'd assume they're too young, like maybe 14 or something? That's not really too young I suppose, but maybe their mom won't give them money? And I think 14 or so is too young to get a job, at least it is where I am.

TraceCase_ 19

I'm sure all of us were dependent on our parents to do the grocery shopping for us when we were kids. There are quite a few of those on FML and that's likely the case here. OP doesn't necessarily deserve it.

FYL. Return the crap and stock up on KD or 99€ burritos

lulututu 4

My mom told me I was old enough to cook myself at 14. Kids are just lazy.

I'm sure cooking yourself isn't a particularly good idea, and I don't think it would be that safe.

HunterAlpha1 8

yeah, cannibalism is generally frowned upon in today's society

^ yea and masterbating on a plane ... thanx osama :(

wendyyyy 0

technically you have to be 17 to use this website... so I'd hope OP is slightly more mature for having good spelling/ grammar while on the website.

Sure 14 is old enough to cook for yourself but you can't make a gourmet meal out of popsicles no matter how old you are! Logic fail . Also how many 14 year olds can drive to the store and buy their own food? Logic double fail

iAmScrubs 19

At least you have a stuffed dog to stroke and calm you down

Yeah that always makes starvation more fun.

ADub55 0

i cant think of a problem stroking hasnt fixed.

80- what are you trying to say ? gonna take an overgrown dog and wipe ur ass with it ?

RedPillSucks 31

The stuffing, unless it's turkey stuffing, then you eat it.

TheDrifter 23

Well there is usually a shower in the bathroom... op could just end up very clean from washing away the skid marks.

i thought the stuffed dog was food? alotta asians eat em. idk why you're starving OP

when life gives you a jefferey stroke the furry wolf!! ;)

fookinprawn 3

Until you resorted to eating the dogs stuffing...

TraceCase_ 19

...and then wiping your butt with it.

if it's already eaten, you can't wipe yo ass with it. well I guess it would on the way out

TraceCase_ 19

It's a GIANT stuffed dog...there's plenty of stuffing.

yea this mom is ****** up OP need to say sometime to her

spider63 0

drug user most likely my deaconess aunt has went to go get milk everyday this week she has yet to come back with milk

spider63 0

spell check on iPhone i definitely put crack head

ShelbyyCakess 0

Oh? What kind of cereal? Anyway, do your own shopping.

RedPillSucks 31

serial ******* >> ******* cereal

might have to look into that, might be Alzheimer's or just plain crazy

Looks like OP is going to have to resort to wiping with the big stuffed animal

the op may have to settle on wiping being overrated...

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ok citrusgirl. we hve the same picture and that's the same thougt that first thought that came to my mind ... I think I need to getbo know you because we seem to think in the same ways!

a124 4

get money and buy food. problem solved.

I'll be sure to pass on your words of wisdom next time I'm in Africa.

kc1997kc 9

yes, because op is an adult living at home and couldn't be too young to get a job. this is a stupid response!