By foreverAlone - United States - Chesapeake Beach
Today, I met a cute girl. She seemed really sweet and I was heartbroken to find out that she had fallen on hard times and was living in a shelter. I asked her if I could take her out to lunch. She said, "No." I can't even get a date with a homeless girl. FML
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By  sohigh10  |  34

She's homeless.. not a prostitute

  UserError94  |  18

Maybe if he would have persisted then she would have given in. If that were me my pride would have said no at least 3 times before I actually gave in to someone offering charity.

Offer the homeless man next to her the same deal so she gets jealous bahaha

By  sohigh10  |  34

She's homeless.. not a prostitute

By  DoomedGemini  |  37

So because her life isn't going well she should go for any guy who asks her out, regardless of if she's attracted to them? It almost sounds like you're trying to prey on it with the way you worded this.

By  sadandsassy  |  1

No one owes you a date, homeless or not. That being said I was once homeless myself and rejected everyone even if I liked them. I wanted to make sure I didn't accidently take advantage/get taken advantage of. Most people in that situation I've talked to felt the same. Don't take it personal.

By  Nyattack  |  14

Just how entitled can you get ? "I can't EVEN get [...]" Seriously ? Do you view her as inferior to you, or as "easier" to get because of her situation ? If you truly wanted to be nice, you could just have offered to buy her something without forcing a date upon her. Maybe she would refuse that too, and that's also her right !