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  geko911  |  22

Since talking to inanimate objects is like talking to yourself, you are not crazy unless you talk back to yourself... Or the inanimate object talks back to you. Well that's what my shrink said.


A computer is many things. Comedian. Teacher. Co-worker. Partner in crime. Girlfriend.

Don't let a lonely laptop go uncharged. For only pennies a day, you can figuratively adopt a laptop. Just send the money directly to me.

  SecretMe00  |  5

True. Although I've said sorry to my car for stopping too sudden and I'm not overly polite. I think you just start to care for the things that make your life easier.

By  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

Don't worry, I once said I'm sorry to a pole when I ran into it... but I was in a deep conversation with my friends and thought it was a person until I looked back...

By  iAmScrubs  |  19

The laptop could've died or possibly did die due to your unacceptable negligence. You're going to have to do a lot to make up for that one.

Next thing, you'll be going on the Internet and clearing all of the cookies.

  MrSassypants  |  32

Well then if he has to make up for not plugging the charger into the laptop then I guess I am buying me and my iPod a romantic cruise for two for cracking its screen.

  quite_bored  |  9

You either meant "Socially Awkward Penguin" the meme or "Awkward Turtle" the hand gesture. Either way, it was a completely stupid comment.