By KDM - 05/02/2012 19:39 - Australia

Today, I realised how socially inept I am, when I muttered an apology to my laptop after I noticed I hadn't plugged its charger in. FML
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It said thank you in heart. I mean, it almost died.

you know what they say, talking to inanimate objects... one more step towards crazy!


you know what they say, talking to inanimate objects... one more step towards crazy!

Don't die on me dammit! I'll get you to an outlet, old friend!

When it talks back to you, that's a full leap to crazy

I think you're already there if that happens =P

If you talk to neither living nor non living things, THEN your crazy

Since talking to inanimate objects is like talking to yourself, you are not crazy unless you talk back to yourself... Or the inanimate object talks back to you. Well that's what my shrink said.

bizarre_ftw 21

But crazy people are so much better than sane people

Hmm your not crazy. I talk to my phone all the time and it talks back to me. We even have sex. I put it on vibration ;)

#24 Erm... I have full-on conversations with myself. And I mean anything from like five minute to half hour conversations.

That's cute OP, I do things like that all the time.

A computer is many things. Comedian. Teacher. Co-worker. Partner in crime. Girlfriend. Don't let a lonely laptop go uncharged. For only pennies a day, you can figuratively adopt a laptop. Just send the money directly to me.

You do know that laptops do have feelings, right?

nonamericandolla 6

No big deal! I do that all the time. U just like talking to ur self

It said thank you in heart. I mean, it almost died.

cherry_blossom 0

I meant to thumbs up your comment, but accidentally thumbed it down. Sorry!!! Here's a virtual hug for you (>^_^)>

Your not alone 51. It's hard to resist those damn wings!

58 holy shit bro, do you have a eating disorder or something. Like 5 pulled pork sammiches and 42 wings is a lot of food.

There is no limit to food during the superbowl.

I'm 6'4 weighing about 215. I played d end too. Used to wrestle but now I just powerlift. I started in 6A football btw.

I heard the worlds best eater (the skinny japanease guy) ate over 320 freakin wings in half an hour recently

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Maybe you're just unnecessarily polite...?

SecretMe00 5

True. Although I've said sorry to my car for stopping too sudden and I'm not overly polite. I think you just start to care for the things that make your life easier.

You do know that friend won't last for long huh... In 3-4 years you will have to change it..

Ali_Br_fml 33

Don't worry, I once said I'm sorry to a pole when I ran into it... but I was in a deep conversation with my friends and thought it was a person until I looked back...

not to sound crazy.. lol but some laptops can be quite bitchy :)

bizarre_ftw 21

Mine is Regina George from mean girls And my phone is as assholish as the Dream Lord (for all you dr who fans)

So what you're saying is your laptop is hot? Yeah, you are a little bizarre.

bizarre_ftw 21

Thank you ^_^ And actually no, I meant my laptop has a neck brace and a motherboard with titanium implants

iAmScrubs 19

The laptop could've died or possibly did die due to your unacceptable negligence. You're going to have to do a lot to make up for that one. Next thing, you'll be going on the Internet and clearing all of the cookies.

Because all the cookies are bad! FYI cookies can make your life much easier..

Seeing these comments made me want some cookies.

iAmScrubs 19

If I could, I'd make a batch for everyone.

Well then if he has to make up for not plugging the charger into the laptop then I guess I am buying me and my iPod a romantic cruise for two for cracking its screen.

quite_bored 9

You either meant "Socially Awkward Penguin" the meme or "Awkward Turtle" the hand gesture. Either way, it was a completely stupid comment.

snowmount07 6

Or maybe it is & it's giving OP the silent treatment.