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By NormalName - 19/08/2017 13:00

Today, a new coworker asked me how to pronounce my name and made a dismissive remark that, "all Asian names are so hard to pronounce and they all sound the same." My name is Christopher. FML
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bangtan_ 15

The amount of racist people, damn..?

I would have thrown that right back at him ________ names are extremely silly and hard to pronounce

sumocj 14

Last name wang? I totally get how hard that would be to understand

Lobby_Bee 17

After 15 or so years of my teachers (including professors) mispronouncing my name ever since I immigrated, but what about "Christopher" is so hard to pronounce? Like WTF?

BTW, it's a Korean name that my teachers had pronouncing, too, so I get why them saying Asian names are hard to pronounce. But still...... Like WTF?