Red flag

By NormalName - 19/08/2017 13:00

Today, a new coworker asked me how to pronounce my name and made a dismissive remark that, "all Asian names are so hard to pronounce and they all sound the same." My name is Christopher. FML
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The amount of racist people, damn..?

Chri, stop her!


blues. It all around me

The amount of racist people, damn..?

I would have thrown that right back at him ________ names are extremely silly and hard to pronounce

Chri, stop her!

Is it CLISS-to-Full?

your co-worker is a dick

Last name wang? I totally get how hard that would be to understand

You misspelled Crystal Fur.

kree stu far

After 15 or so years of my teachers (including professors) mispronouncing my name ever since I immigrated, but what about "Christopher" is so hard to pronounce? Like WTF?

BTW, it's a Korean name that my teachers had pronouncing, too, so I get why them saying Asian names are hard to pronounce. But still...... Like WTF?