By Laviolette - France
Today, I was preparing dinner for my in-laws for the first time. Nervous, I accidentally spilled the pasta into the sink. With nothing else to prepare, I quickly scooped it all back out. No-one would have been any the wiser, if the kitchen sponge hadn't shown up in the middle of the meal. FML
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  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Aw shit homies, the sponge is here to collect his dues, take cover! It looks like he brought half of the French mafia with him this time! And the meal was just getting good. :(

  nightowl713  |  25

O this has nothing to do with anything on this post but, how does the moderation process work, yes to send through and no to keep it from posting, or yes to keep it from posting and no to let it through?


"It's a rare species of vegetable! It's really healthy for you! Oh yeah mom, it's supposed to have that spongy texture. That means it's working! Go on, have another piece!"

  downtime  |  12

111, He contracted his facial muscles, and rotated his head slightly. For more answers to complex questions like this, you should consult with anyone over the age of 10.

  Awsumuzzie  |  12

Wait just one darn second! When I compliment, my comments some how disappear.... I'm starting to wonder if it's just me.... and if it is, I'm not surprised.

  Pelreskovich  |  11

I noticed that too.. I went to reply and was like.. Whaaa.. Huh?? For some reason everyone seems to comment on my face in a negative light. This weekend I'm changing my picture to my ass, thoughts?

By  notsorandomguy  |  18

It MUST be a new type of pasta!!! Look, it's yellow and it was in the middle of it all, and it grows softer when soaked in water. Don't worry about it, it's probably a new type of marketing technique.