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Today, my mom told me that when my sister and I were born, the first thing my dad said was, "I hope they don't turn out vegetarian." I did. FML
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I'm sure he still loves you anyway. You're definitely missing out though, meat is wonderful!

Wow. I'm glad your dad has his prioroties straight. Edit: sorry, 1's comment wasn't there when I posted mine.


Your dad doesn't have his priorities straight.

That's a really weird first thing to say...

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I think it's a fair comment. When your baby is born surely you just want them ro be happy and healthy...then maybe do well in school, lots of friends...if your first thought is about whether they follow a different-but-still-healthy diet or not, I'd say your priorities are weird.

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I actually think 15 was referring to the FML. I read it the other way first too - this being FML and all, of course my mind went straight to "it must be an insult" - but I've rethought it.

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(It was 31's comment... It didn't make sense otherwise.)

Unless her Dad has serious, disturbing issues with her vegetarianism, I doubt that was the first thing he said. It sounds like her mom is trying to guilt her out of it. I could be wrong.

Wow. I'm glad your dad has his prioroties straight. Edit: sorry, 1's comment wasn't there when I posted mine.

Hahahaha I love how the first comment states the truth as is down voted while yours is sarcastic and is upvoted. I'm glad this community has it's priorities straight.

The FML community is a slave to fads. And the most popular fad is down voting where everyone else has whether you agree or not. Now that IS a shitty situation.

And as such I have been down voted once. Hence the ban hammer will crush my post.

#77, I have no idea how that happened :D perhaps FML likes sarcasm?

There isn't anything wrong in being a vegetarian :/

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It depends on the diet of the person

I am a vegetarian and our diet is restricted ;p what more can anyone alter in it ?

as long as they don't constantly preach about how they are better than the rest of us or something. I mentioned in one class that my family hunts and i thought this vegan girl was going to tackle me

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Probably just eating only pasta. My sister and I were vegetarians, and she only ate pasta because she hated soy and vegetables

Yeah my sister is one, now she's a vegan to lose some weight. I cut out red meat and so did my mom, and my dad is a peskaterian, so he is a vegetarian except he eats seafood.

28, I don't get why vegetarians and uber-animal rights people have particular disdain for those who hunt for their food rather than people who buy meat in a grocery store. The animals that are killed for food in hunting are usually killed quickly and humanely, or as quickly and humanely as the hunter can kill them. And every animal killed for food by a hunter means less money for the meat industry, which is often abusive to the animals it slaughters. The way I see it, hunting is far kinder than buying meat in a grocery store.

@ 40 i agree that hunting is more humane ( my dad hunts) but i think what some of those vegetarians and vegans that preach their mentality is that they want absolutely no animal at all being eaten. Theres also the fact that we as a society have more of an idea about the process of hunting rather than the methods behind the plastic wrap of the grocery store meat ( ignorance is bliss i guess) we have more opportunity to shoot it down and call it wrong

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I never said anything against hunting, just that I was a vegetarian :p I started eating meat again nearly 5 years ago, and I'm currently working on getting my hunting license. I like venison more than any other type of meat, and I completely agree that hunting is usually more humane. I became a vegetarian based on a bet with my sister to see who could last longer.

You make a good point. Many people are quick to pass judgment on a subject they know little about, and that doesn't just go for food and hunting. It still annoys me when I see or hear stories of hunters getting grief from people who either also eat meat, or who are less critical of those who buy meat than those who hunt. Either way you're eating an animal that has been killed. What difference does it make if you or someone else killed it?

Sorry, 46. I meant that comment for 27, but my fat fingers hit the wrong key and I wrote "28" instead.

I'm currently pescitarian but have been veggie and pesci throughout my life...I've always had a lot more respect for people who hunt and/or prepare their own food than people who eat meat but can't actually face the facts. (Obviously not plausible for everyone and I still don't like people who just hunt for sport but still.) A lot of veggies I know have similar opinions.

I'm a pesci because while I have gone fishing and have murdered a lobster with my own two hands, I couldn't bring myself to kill a cow or a deer or a chicken. It's my own personal weird feeling and I don't begrudge anyone else who wants to eat meat - as long as they let me be, I'll let them be. Also, my dog eats raw, so I probably have more meat in my freezer than the average carnivore.

#40 I totally agree with you. On my way back from our hunting lease today, I had a middle age woman scream at me for hunting and killing "poor and defenseless animals." People can have their opinions, but dammit, people don't tell me what is right or wrong. Hunting has fed and will feed my family since the beginning of time and it will continue forever. Plus, vegetarians don't know what they're missing.

@28 I work with a guy who won't eat any pasta without some sort of meat in it.

As an animal rights person, i can totally agree with hunting for FOOD, its the hunting for SPORT that i hate. Hunting for food is just circle of life. But in general i hate when people force their opinions on others, unless of course the opinion is wrong.

The activists who eat meat and protest hunting for food are hypocrites(knowing this because i am an animal rights activist) because hunting for food is natural. Thats like telling a wolf to stop being a carnivore and hunting deer. But most activists protest hunting exotic/endangered animals that one would not even eat, like lions.

Haha #27, I had a friend in High School who hunted and was from a higher class family so he had a stingray skin wallet (along with other expensive hide clothing) and would brag about everything he killed/wore just to piss a vegan girl off because she always tried to preach her practices around us.

It's way better that eating meat! Vegetarians live longer and look younger. This is coming from a meat eater...

Also 72, indigenous people of Africa hunt the lion for food and pelt. It's how they were raised, also they don't hunt more than they need. Get your facts straight before posting something about an animal!

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If a vegetarian eats correctly, it is healthy. The problem with most vegetarians is that they don't eat properly and are extremely unhealthy. Also that holier than thou complex and those who do it for reasons other than health ruin it for actual vegetarians. Vegan is not healthy, so I don't include them.

40, most of them don't, it's just like every category of people, the assholes are the most visible ones. And before I get accused of vegetarian-hating, I'm vegan. :)

148, people do it for a lot of reasons. I don't eat meat because it's hard on my stomach, and my skin and hair has been in much better condition since I started being a vegetarian. I'm actually very happy with my diet and don't feel restricted at all.

I should also add that milk and meat have essentially the same nutrients, therefore you don't need one if you have the other.

I don't eat meat because I believe it is cruel to kill and eat animals, and even more cruel for a large firm to kill them on an industrial scale for the sake of profit.

Vegan is not unhealthy, as long as you know how to eat right there are incredible advantages to veganism. The right nutrients to stand in place of those derived from animal products can be found in many places it's simply a matter of trying a little harder.

I'm sure he still loves you anyway. You're definitely missing out though, meat is wonderful!

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A life without bacon is a life without joy!

From the looks of your picture, 41, I'd say there's a severe lack of bacon in your life.

Not to mention it increases your chances of stomach cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Your chances of a heart attack is at 50% with a meat centered diet while if you're a vegetarian this risk is only 15%. Animals raised for meat consumption literally have hundreds of thousands of acres of forests taken down for room to raise them and eat 80% of the nations corn. You can cut off a part of a plant and eat it and the plant can regenerate itself. Rip the leg off a chicken or cow and its likely to die. Eat more meat they say. It'll be fun they say.

Do you really think its healthy to have something that takes a week to digest in your stomach? It's not widely known but the human stomach isn't really evolved to digest meat.

Zimmington 21

88- the **** are you talking about? We have a whole extra organ meant for digesting meat.

Yep. Exactly why digesting it is so hard on the body.

I wasn't talking about whether or not it's meant to be digested. I said it is wonderful, and it is wonderful. If you choose not to, good for you, but I like me some cow!

Explain how dogs, birds, cats, and of course the ever so cute badger , *****. Also, what is the name of this organ. I cannot find it on the interwebz and I think you might suffer from dumbasatoits to think we HUMANS who'm involved from apes, are the only ones to have a organ to digest meat.

We've been eating meat since the first lot of humans. If we're still going it mustn't be too bad.

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Actually meat is very healthy for you. High in iron and protein. Many will say "oh I'll take supplements for that" when actually nothing can take place of the real nutrients meat can give to you. As humans we are born to eat meat... From an evolution side: we have canines meant for tearing meat, and enzymes that are meant to breakdown meat. Religious side: God wouldnt of had Jesus share fish or any other meats for that matter of he wouldn't of wanted us to eat them.... If you have to take supplements in order to stay healthy, I don't find that very healthy... Now on another note. People say it's killing? But is it really? Were merely on the top of the food chain. Other animals kill animals for food and that's simply what we are doing. We need a food supply..... I would say most meat in stores are pumped with hormones and steroids. Which that would be the cause of anything bad. But if you eat organic grass fed meat you won't have any of those risk factors.... Many people get sick from tryin a vegetarian because their bodies can't handle it. We're supposed to eat meat. That's why. I am a medical student. I have poked to both sides and a vegetarian diet just isn't what our bodies need.

But it's so tasty. Besides if you eat it moderately it won't hurt you

78, you will never convince anyone by being preachy, even if what you say is true. It never makes me want to change my mind when I feel personnally attacked.

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Please learn when to use "of" and when to use "have." I'm hard pressed to believe a medical student could be this stupid. And if you really are, I hope you're never my doctor.

136, I agree that plants and meat have different kinds of protein, but a vegetarian diet can still be healthy. Meat has a lot of calcium an proteins that your body doesn't completely absorb, much like milk does. Jesus can eat fish all he wants, but you can survive on a vegetarian diet (not to mention meat literally makes me sick). I've been on one for 3 years and I'm in decent shape and very healthy.

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I am a medical student as well, and not eating meat can be extremely healthy too. Before, when I ate meat, I was extremely underweight and not getting enough protein but now, I'm still underweight but get a lot of protein and am coming closer to a healthy weight. The thing is a lot of vegetarians are healthy and instead of eating a burger eat a veggie burger. There are things called Chia seeds as well and they are the only thing that gives the same amount of protein and iron as meat - they're tiny, tasteless seeds you sprinkle on your food and give the same benefits as meat. Just because you're a medical student doesn't mean that you're completely educated on meat eating vs. vegetarianism. Medical student or not, I don't think you completely understand vegetarianism.

I have hated meat for a long time. My father used to force me to eat meat, he wouldn't let me become a vegetarian... I know exactly what I am missing. If he hadn't force fed me I might not have turned out hating meat though... It just tastes like hate and blood. This is what I tell people when they tell me I don't know what I'm missing. it's just a matter of taste

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Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about, I'm not really sure how you're surviving med school. First of all any nutrient is replaceable if you look hard enough. I have never taken a supplement in my life and I am a healthy vegan since birth. Things like lentils contain high iron levels to replace iron in meat, and calcium, which many people get from milk, is found all over the place. As for the religious stuff, well I don't know how to say this politely but... It's BS, Jesus didn't "give people fish" he never existed! There is no factual basis for a single one of your arguments. I have no problem with your eating meat, or any other person, that is their choice but do not preach wrong information that will deter others from being educated in making their own decision.

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Most parents when they see their child for the first time after they're born are things like "They're so adorable!" And other compliments. This father, on the other hand, was more concerned with future eating habits.

thandidavis 17 this all just became relevant now? I feel like this isn't an FML more like a "wow really" moment (-_-)

Out of all things this is what he says. Really?

If that's your worst quality, then you're probably doing just fine. Mmm meat.

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Well, at least you don't have a fetish for cats.

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There's nothing wrong with that. Your dad is an ass. At least you're eating healthy :)

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OP isn't necessarily eating healthy. Some vegetarians' eating habits are shit, because they only eat pasta (which isn't that good for you). Some, not all.

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Whatever #65! That is an unfair a incorrect assumption. I became vegan 4 years ago because I got high cholesterol and my fat doctor wanted having me under medication for the rest of my life. I cut all animal products and got rid of high cholesterol with no medications at all. I'm not the kind of person that preaches my conviction to anyone but still get hard time from many meat eaters. I shared my story with a girl friend and she used to laugh of me for becoming vegan, she just died from a heart attack caused by high cholesterol, according to her doctor. I just think is a matter of choice and respect if you become a vegetarian or not.

Being a vegetarian is extremely healthy. That is if you're not an idiot in the choices you choose to eat. Eat only Debbie cakes? Not healthy. Eat nuts, soy, vegetables, fruits, beans and any other non meat product that isn't processed to an extreme amount? Healthier than someone who eats meat.

You miss out on a shit ton of needed nutrients, unless you take supplements. Sorry but this is fact......

No. It is something meat eaters say to make themselves feel better. Beans soy and nuts have tons of protein. Which is about the only good thing you get from meat.

No it is facts, thank you nutritional biology and nutritionists......if you think protein is the only thing missing your kidding your self

Yeah? Well then please tell me. What nutrients are in meat that are in NO other foods that I so say need?

Nevereyes- you're an idiot. Don't say something is fact when you clearly have no clue what you're talking about. Meat is not necessary; anything you get out of it can also be gotten from non-meat sources. A balanced vegetarian diet is way healthier than the average meat eater's diet since most people tend to eat WAYY too much meat, which is extremely unhealthy.

Sorry but I'm not the idiot here. there are around 26 nutrients that are not available in any non-meat sources in viable amounts. This is straight from nutritional biology, Hun. I know what I'm talking about. And p.s. an all meat and dairy diet is actually healthy especially if you have a vegetable intolerance. I suggest you do true research and talk to a certified nutritionist.

Why when I read this my head began to hurt....? It's a valid question BTW. Please answer because IDK one. OKAY: 26 HUH! HOLY NUTRIENTS BATMAN! What are they, and don't go cheating using wikapedia please, it wouldn't be fair. Use that book on "Nutritional Biology" , BTW That's such a cute name, it really is. But yeah, what nutrients don't come from elements which are stored in more than one way other than metals etc.. Iron? Um.. Cliff Bars, Protein? Eggs, high levels of saturated fats? Twinkies!!!!!!! . OMG NOT MILK AND MEAT! No duh, but where do you plain on storing all that meat bud? On dat ass? Or dem legs? Maybe your hips, or you think you gonna be like "OMG LOOK AT ME SIX PACK. BING" with just milk and meat.. ?

I never said that were went omnivores,(something vegans need to learn) I said that a meat and dairy diet is healthy, which it is. And I don't have the time for that (I'm writing a philosophy essay) and simple on my skinny body. Sorry but meats and dairies aren't actually fattening unless you eat crap. There's a reason it's recommended you by fresh and local......

You're writing a essay and failed to provide to me an answer on MY first question, you just jumped on your "DEFENDDADITE" ship and tried sailing at me headon, while I stand on top of a cannon of "HEREYOFACTS" and blast you out the logical ocean.

Because the answer was have issues processing truth. And sorry but I'm the logical one here.......and yes I am writing a essay......

> Say writes essay > On FML. >Says I have no Logic My brain is full of logic, HOW DARE YOU BE SO RUDE TO SAY THAT TO ME. Humph, you are dismissed, go away , shoo shoo write your essay.. then when you think you have the correct answers, come see me with that list of those 26 nutrients.

Pot calling the kettle black much......and i already have and gave the correct answers. If you had done proper research or actually spoke to a certified nutritionist you'd know that.....

I am writing a essay? No, I'm on the phone. Again, shoo shoo, write essay. Or give me a list.

I am writing a essay, I can be on the iPod at the same, te it's called multitasking.

Oh, wow. You two are arguing different things, but I don't think anyone can take a side, because you both sound really idiotic. Just spare everyone all this whining and take it to PMs.

Multitask me that list. Please <3 Idiotic? Whining? You're anal flabs must be on fire due to the amount of but hurt that is signaling of your post, it's clear to me someone isn't giving you enough attention so you post stupid comments about my post. You know you have eyes, revert them from my post if you don't want to read my post? Okay. Thank you HAVE A SUPER AWESOME, SPARKLY UNICORN DAY/NIGHT , WHATEVER. <3 xoxo

Direct vitamin a,B12, vitamin d,complet protein, true zinc, creatine, d3, carnosine, docosahexaenoic acid, CoQ10.....are a few quick ones

I already named a few, I don't have the time to run around finding things for you. Oh and p.s. soy is not a healthy food, it's very bad for you. And unsaturated fats are what can cause heart disease not saturated fats (which is what's in meat) in fact the body needs saturated fats.....oh and you might be interested to know that studies have shown that vegetarians have a much higher over all death rate than meat eaters.....

Also it can be difficult to get a balanced diet with enough protein unless you know where to look.

Surprisingly a lot of food contains protein.

vegetarianism isn't always healthy. there are plenty unhealthy foods that contain no meat. If the vegetarian eats balanced though, they are generally healthier than a balanced meat eater.