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Today, I've been a vegan for a year. It's also the day that I met my dad's new best friend, who happens to be a retired butcher. They tried to pull an intervention on me for not "being sensible" by eating meat. FML
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Fruits and vegetables were once living too before consumed.

PleaseStayChill 9

I don't care if it's a meat, vegetable, fruit, or an freaking article of clothing. If it's delicious, I'll eat it. if it's not delicious, put hot sauce on it. Then it's delicious and I'll eat it.


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I agree bacon is awesome and makes everything taste better.

musicalducky 21

Meat is gross xP I can't eat it because all I can think about when I do is that I'm eating a dead animal and that's gross.

Fruits and vegetables were once living too before consumed.

Thank you 13! Finally someone else who understands the living thing concept!

My food craps on vegetarians food. And 13 thank you!

Bacon isn't that good in my opinion. I just don't see what it is so good. Now before everyone goes crazy about this it's my opinion and I am allowed to express it without being ripped apart by people who are a little crazy and go overboard with the whole loving bacon thing. Why are you people dissing this persons choice? They don't want to eat meat that is there choice. Just like it is your choice to eat meat. Who cares if they are vegan? Good for them to be able to stick with it with all the veganist around.

So you would rather eat dead plants?

PleaseStayChill 9

I don't care if it's a meat, vegetable, fruit, or an freaking article of clothing. If it's delicious, I'll eat it. if it's not delicious, put hot sauce on it. Then it's delicious and I'll eat it.

PleaseStayChill 9

And in regards to 25's statement, You don't get to have an opinion if your opinion is wrong.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I could only live without meat if I had a health condition and absolutely could NOT eat it... I don't know how, but I never picture the animal as I'm eating meat. I own chickens and it's still one of my favorite foods.

chell1894 13

13 fruits and vegetables did not have a brain stem or nervous system. Not the same thing people.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

35- We were made to eat meat.

chell1894 13

And exactly 25 you don't see many vegetarians/vegans shoving vegetables on meat eaters faces trying to be funny. But I see everyday a meat eater shoving a burger in a vegetarians face trying to be "funny" or just obnoxious.

chell1894 13

Actually 37 back then we rarely ate meat because hunting was very difficult. We mostly lived off berries and plants.

Pleasestaychill made my point exactly. Obnoxious one who thinks its his way or the highway. Boohoo someone has a different opinion as me, I must shun them. People seem very rude to other people's opinions or thoughts. Half the time they won't accept them. It's 2012. People can choose to be many things or say many things. Including online.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Actually, cavemen did hunt. They developed tools that made hunting easier. Our teeth are designed for eating meat.

#33, If I was told I had a health problem and couldn't eat meat again, I'd ask to be shot. That's like living your entire life under the Cruciatus curse. It's bloody torture, and you'll only end up going insane.

Our teeth are designed to eat meat and plants actually.we are omnivores

I dunno, i was watching a show about dinner parties and there was only one vegan out of the 5 people and she just starts crying and ranting about "I just think of the slaughter poor animals go through, and their innocent and I love them" and so on and so on. To me that is just as wrong and annoying as any meat eater shoving a burger in their face. When vegans do that they are deliberately trying to guilt you about the food you are eating. So basically if you back off and don't guilt trip me, you won't get a burger in your face. Ain't no thinng but a chicken wiiiing!

Basically this is what everyone should do: shut the fuck up and realise that everyone has different opinions and beliefs. As long as you don't go around smashing your beliefs in other people's faces, it'll all be fine.

Every time there is a vegetarian or vegan related post the FML community had to have this stupid debate. 1) it is not hard to go without eating meat, try it for a year and see for yourself 2) there are copious reasons to stop eating meat including not liking the taste, health concerns (not just food allergies, but also for avoiding animal fat, growth hormones, and antibiotics), concern for the environment, animal cruelty (different from not wanting to eat any meat, just not meat from animals that were abused from factory farm conditions), and just a dislike of the thought of eating animals. The "we were meant to eat meat, so you should eat meat" argument is not only ignorant, but also stupid. Not all vegetarians oppose the idea of eating meat, but the process in which we go about eating meat. And just because humans are omnivores does not mean that a meat free diet is in any way unhealthy, and people have the right to choose what they want to eat.

You know what, I think vegetarianism is silly, we are omnivores, meat + veg = good, just because we have a sense of morality it doesn't mean it is wrong to kill for food, we are still animals; go tell a wild animal its wrong to hunt its prey.

38, the reason you don't see vegetarians or vegans shoving vegetables or fruits in meat eater's faces is quite simple. Most meat eaters eat vegetables or fruits as well as meats. All they're going to say is thanks for the salad, now where's my steak? What would be the point of that?

I can't speak for all vegetarians, but I have never been pushy or insistent about my ideas about eating meat. If you have had this experience, please realize that this is not representative of all vegetarians so please do not generalize. Just like not all meat eaters are rude and insistent towards vegetarians, not all vegetarians act that way towards meat eaters.

65- exactly. It's like saying guns were made to kill things, so I have to go kill everything I see.

13- except fruit evolved specifically by the plant to be dispersed. One method includes spending a lot of the tree's energy creating fleshy balloons of sweetness to specifically be consumed by an animal.

Yes. Because invading countries and killing, torturing, burning, evacuating PEOPLE is much more "humanity"-friendly than killing animals for food. I know everyone on earth is brain washed in a way or another, but this way of thinking just makes me feel sick. Really sick.

49- you really wouldnt know unless you tried it for a while.

85, do you REALY think that vegetarians value animal life over human life? I would say they are more likely to be more compassionate towards people than others.

TheMathMajor: Thank God, SOMEBODY gets it. The amount of ignorance in this thread is disgusting. I'm a meat lover, advocate for bacon and all that shit, but I'm not going to be a condescending prick to anyone who decides to become a vegetarian. They have the right to an opinion, and to make decisions based upon that opinion. Anyone who says otherwise is an ignorant fucktard, and the same goes for vegans/vegetarians who condemn meat-eaters. End of story. 85-Yes, because ALL vegans and vegetarians are also terrorists. Fucking idiot.

xephonra 3

Tha does suck

unknown_user5566 26

I'm sure Tha doesn't appreciate that comment, good sir/madam.

I find it really ironic that people always accuse vegetarians of being "preachy" about their beliefs.

For every intervention meat-eaters foist on vegans/vegetarians about ten people have been attacked by the anti-meat-eaters for enjoying meat. They are a ridiculously vocal minority. Most meat-eaters are of the opinion "More meat for me! Just shut up about the lectures; I don't give a shit." Most vegetarians/vegans I've met are of the opinion "You're an evil animal abuser and you're gonna die of heart disease!"

lovepandorasaver 11

Does one Fml really make something ironic?

18- I think you're talking about the 'extremist' vegetarians. I'm a vegetarian but I've never actually met a vegetarian who thinks "all meat eaters are evil animal abusers" Most vegetarians don't go around giving people shit for eating meat, as it's their choice, just like it is someone's choice to be vegan or vegetarian. There are some 'extreme' vegetarians, and much of the time, they're the ones that come up with the propaganda, which leads to accusations of all vegetarians being 'preachers' etc etc, but as with most beliefs, the vocal minority does not represent the majority.

I have been a vegetarian for 22 years, and I would never foist my beliefs about it onto anyone else. However, for the entirety of those 22 years, about 25% of people who learn about my diet for the first time have given me shit and teased/harassed/made fun of me for it. There are rude people in every walk of life, and I would not deign to suggest that all meat eaters are preachy douchebags, because the other 75% haven't been like that. I've also known a number of other vegetarians/vegans, and the same approximate statistic has been true of them. So just remember that before making blanket statements about groups of people.

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Save a cow. Eat a vegan.

^Chik-fil-a cows approve that message.

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You forgot chicken. Edit: sorry I read wrong, my bad lol.

unknown_user5566 26

Annnd now I'm hungry. I'm thinkin' Arby's.

44, It's good mood food

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You mean the charred flesh of tortured animals doesn't appeal to you? An intervention was certainly in order.

Animals can run away plants can't and they're alive too. Haha I'm joking but seriously shut up.

How the hell are they tortured?

lacespace 8

I know the bigotry on bacon and meat on this site. So I'll just say this: some people are one sided idiots, and that's a historically proven fact. Better to embrace it sooner rather than later.

fernclogger 5

Say that you like sausage... ;)