By Anonymous - 26/11/2013 19:05 - United States - New York

Today, my boss's obese bully of a grandson had a seizure. Being the only physician around, I had to rush in to tend to him. Except it wasn't a seizure as such. My daughter had found my taser and used it on him. FML
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The idea of an obese bully being tazered makes me extremely happy.


And that's how he became the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

Watt a buzz that must have been for your daughter.

What did he do to spark such a reaction in your daughter?

Ah I moderated this. I'm curious as to how a 4 year old knew how to work it...

if you smellellellell what the chubs is cooking


I got a buzz from the reading that one.

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Dude you're a tard

I feel bad for your kids...

Medicine...? Wha...? So with your logic. Taser = medicine.

He must be referring to shocktarts as medicine

cuz murder is the best answer to a bully

#64 and #2 are related

Why???? He's a bully and I hope he got it in the balls lol

why would you taze your own daughter?

#100, he uh... He didn't.

#100, I read your comment wrong I'm sorry :p

*cough* CHILD ABUSE *Cough*

You sir, are an idiot!

Did you read the whole FML or the last sentence?

That must have been a shock

such an electrifying turn of events

Where did she find your taser!?

I didn't know that people carry around tasers now... I better be careful out there.

It was probably in OP's purse

The OP is a male, why would he have a purse?

It's not a purse, it's a satchel!

Every Doctor I know carries a taser. They get assaulted a lot

Its not a satchel, its a murse

The idea of an obese bully being tazered makes me extremely happy.

Enough that you start shaking from joy?

\ 28

I was quaking in my boots...

Especially if it's the obese bully from Ted. Boy does he deserve getting an "ouch".

I don't think violence can be solved with even more violence.

You and me both!

That is awsome, props to ur daughter, hope u didnt get in to much trouble

That should teach him to "treat others how you want to be treated".

I'm guessing she was defending herself from his bullying. good for her. you should be proud of her for being able to take care of herself

Even if not it's still funny as fuck.

Would have been even funnier if she screamed pikachuuuuuu, then shocked him.

I guess it was Pikachu versus Snorlax 71.


Sorry mate. 1 beat you to it. Gotta be quicker on the draw.

I know, I realised straight after I posted...

You had time to change it to something more witty. 120 seconds, to be exact.