By continuouslyaddingdebt
Today, in an attempt to keep my valuables safe, I snatched my PlayStation 4 controller from the hands of my 4-year-old nephew. Not knowing that it was connected, I ultimately yanked the PlayStation and the HD Flatscreen flat on their faces. FML
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By  QueenSaru  |  28

<p>I started to laugh because I thought you meant the PS hit the kid in the face, but then I realized you meant the TV and PS fell. &nbsp;Sucks, man.</p>

  QueenSaru  |  28

<p>Meh. I would have found it funny if he'd yanked the cord and hit HIMSELF in the face with the PS too. &nbsp;I'm an equal opportunity sadist. &nbsp;No shame.</p>

By  heyLaddieHey  |  18

<p>Out of curiosity, how did you think yanking something out of a four-year-old's hands was going to go? Because in my experience, it was going to involve sobbing, kicking, grabbing for it back, and a generally miserable time.&nbsp;</p>
<p>I get that it's your nephew not your kid but it's not rocket science that you redirect kids away from what they shouldn't have (but isn't dangerous), not try to snatch it out of their hands.</p>

By  Winry Adaline Poe  |  2

<p>You kind of deserved this. Instead of instantly ripping things out of their hands, redirect their attention or tell them no. They're four, not four months. So, unless they have some sort of disability, they should understand no. Or don't put things out when they visit that they will want to play with.&nbsp;</p>