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By  Fruit_Dealer  |  9

Well vegetarian food doesn't mean bad. If its well cooked and tasty, no problem there. Its not traditional but if it makes your mom happy, endure it?

P.S. : If there are mangoes, I'm coming.

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Or grill an entire rack of baby back ribs and bacon, alk smothered with barbaque sauce and eat them messily in front of her.

No one can resist the pig...

  fromthesuck  |  8

Go find a recipe for all the meat dishes you can fit on the table. Then make it very clear you will not the way you eat, especially such a special dinner just so she can feel the world is centered around her

  KrazieKleo  |  13

I just clicked on your profile trying to see what kinda car that was in your picture but damn I'm impressed that you listen to Gangstarr, Immortal Tech, Big Pun, Nas, etc.... Good on you man.

By  XxgreymoonxX  |  8

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  moros1388  |  4

They're being thumbed down because they're missing the point.

Regardless of if its "good" or not, OP is being forced to eat vagitatian when she obviously doesn't want to; which is wrong to everyone but the most obnoxious, self-righteous vegans.

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

#76, no.

The main point of the fml is that the father is forcing the family to have a vegetarian dinner on christmas. Is not the matter that the op resented the woman or telling us her dad ruined christmas, only the family christmas dinner for ONE woman.

  DelphiCat  |  17

i could be wrong here, but i have a suspicion the step mum may be the one doing the cooking? Even if it is her dad the chances are quite high there wouldn't be enough people eating the bird to justify having a turkey anyway.

Obviously if OP is doing the cooking this IS unfair, and she should consider cooking herself a small bird of some sort anyway.

If however, OP is not cooking, then she shouldn't complain so much. You cook, you decide what everyone eats.

Besides, as numerous people have pointed out there are plenty of delicious options without meat that most people will never get to experience because it doesn't occur to them vegetable products can be nice!

By  Fruit_Dealer  |  9

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  rattusrattus  |  18

We have about seven-eleven people over for Christmas dinner. My aunt is vegetarian, no-one else is. We serve her a veggie pie, which is actually quite nice, and then everyone else can have turkey, gammon, pigs in blankets etc. If only a few people want veggie pie, then get a few veggie pies. If there is disagreement over types of meat, get slices of meat rather than a whole bird/joint etc.

If the rest of the family feels the same way as the OP, I expect Christmas will not be very merry at all and there may be resentment towards the stepmother (irregardless of her involvement in this decision).

By  Hubner24  |  11

I think what the op is trying to get across is not that vegetarian food is gross but the fact that their dad is making the whole family have a vegetarian meal instead of just the step-mom eating a vegetarian meal! I would cook my own meat and put it on my plate just to piss her off!

By  uprising_fml  |  0

I think it is perfectly fine if your step mom wants to be accommodated for her vegetarianism, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE should have to do the same .
make your own meaty meal OP ! !