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Today, an old guy phoned the cops on my daughter because she was drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. Apparently, he thinks it's vandalism. FML
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Some petty people have nothing better to do with their lives than bring misery on everyone else's.

Chalk would wash away in the rain though surely? Some old people are just grumpy, OP.


Some petty people have nothing better to do with their lives than bring misery on everyone else's.

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iOceanus 18

16: Okay, that was either some really extreme sarcasm, or you're on the fence with the old guy and you seriously think chalk on a sidewalk is vandalism. It washes off for ****'s sake. If he didn't like it that much, he should wash it off himself instead of wasting a cop's time when they would be out taking care of something serious. Although, your first sentence seemed a bit ridiculous, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

IOceanus , what are you? Sheldon Cooper? Of course it was sarcasm!

The whole point of saying 'seriously though' is to mean that your SERIOUS and not sarcastic. I don't want to start saying I'm being serious about saying I'm serious.

#10 You've been watching too much ****, kid.

Rainhawk94 27

#16, you couldn't be more wrong

mwa ha ha. Someone has to stick up for the cranky old folks with all you kids...

That's the most ridiculous thing to do.

Like my neighbor who called the cops for me and a couple kids shooting air soft guns at our own fence and having a small contained fire for a cookout. Both of which are completely legal.

I bet he wouldn't be so miserable if he went out and also played with chalk.

@22 I agreed that 16 was being sarcastic and it was a funny rant until he said "seriously though control ..."

#27- Man you are really negative. Why not keep those negative thoughts to yourself?!

#105 i know what you mean, i am a 7th grader and i was acting like i was shooting a bow target last year, there was only one bb in it and it was one of the sucky walmart ones when my neighbor called the cops on me

#10, seriously what the complete ****. Really?! No, just no. If flirting seductively with the cop is what you are referring to, then that could imply that OP is trying to drop the cops pants to get the "charges" dropped. And, if you meant the old guy, like wtf?!! Flirt with a wrinkled, miserable oldie would not help ANYTHING

TcheQ 12

That statement sums up this entire website.

cadillacgal79 32

Yes, they're called dementors, in which case it's perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate.

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@ 22 I agree with 16, because a man was arrested for drawing with chalk on the side walk, plus not to be mean but she's a kid it's probably looks terrible

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#156, That's the beautiful thing about sidewalk chalk. It WASHES AWAY. I know...amazing, right? And frankly, who gives a shit if it doesn't "look good"? It's not like it's graffiti, or even remotely permanent.

Chalk would wash away in the rain though surely? Some old people are just grumpy, OP.

I guess the grumpy old man didn't care whether it washed away or was permanent. I had a neighbor who also called the cops on children who drew on her sidewalk. She's also my aunt. Good thing I moved. But yes, that goes to show that some people are just miserable and want the world to be the same.

#61, what?! That's crazy.. In my state the sidewalk is public property, same as the road.

And technically, vandalism is usually defined as something that can't be easily removed. Like spray paint. Kids with chalk? Not so much. I'm sure it depends on your state/county/city but that's what it is where I am.

Exactly; if it was truly that much of an issue the old man could have washed it off himself or asked OP to give him a hand rather than being unreasonable and wasting police time.

ileenefudge 29

How is that vandalism? I used to do that as a kid myself and chalk washes off if it's sidewalk chalk.

I'm pretty sure it technically is - even though it's not permanent, it's defacing public property. However, most people aren't pathetic enough to report it. OP's neighbour is just the worst kind of person.

Actually Doodlecloud, even technically, it's not.

ileenefudge 29

Yes, but #20, I'm assuming that OPs daughter is drawing in front of their own place, somewhere close to their place, or at a friends. It would be kinda weird if she was drawing on the sidewalk in random places, but given the fact OP was obviously there I'm assuming they were at home or somewhere close by where OP could keep an eye on her. And if they are in front of their own place is it really defacing public property when it really can be washed off with water ( assuming it really is sidewalk chalk) and she seems to have had permission to draw on the sidewalk (if she is young)? There are people who really use sidewalk chalk to make 3D art on public places and people actually like it for the most part. To me it sounds like said neighbor was just looking for a reason to start something that wasn't there before, and/or having a bad day. Even still the neighbor should have just minded his own business like everyone else. No need to call the cops and start drama for a little chalk that won't stay there forever. My apologies for the long post everyone.

The only reason could be that the neighbor and OP are not really best friends, and he was trying to make him feel uncomfortable. Still, what a douche!

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In the US, it apparently is. People even get arrested for it. Add that to the list of reasons why I really don't understand the American law system - you guys can buy guns at Walmart, but apparently sidewalk chalk is the work of the devil.

I live in Canada too and the local elementary school takes kids to draw with chalk on the sidewalks all the time, so I don't think it's legally classified as vandalism up here

TheDrifter 23

In Canada is a judgement call for officers and judges. It can either be sanctioned as temporary artwork or condemned as graffiti depending on whether or not it's welcome and the quality and nature of the work. Sidewalk chalk swastikas in front of the synagogue are vandalism, sidewalk chalk flowers in front of the daycare are art, generally speaking.

Sadly cops think it's vandalism too. I wrote " Nikki

well thank you fml for posting only half my comment -_-

Sadly cops think it's vandalism too. I wrote " Nikki " with chalk and that resulted in comunity service, AND a $500 fine. Did I mention it was sprinkling? hopefully this time my comment isn't cut and only posts half.

no, it's actually for sticking up your gums and acting like a walrus. this was just an odd case.

Meaniebobeanie 26

That was the most original answer I have ever seen.

Chalk has also different uses, like throwing them at assholes

AnOriginalName 19

Don't worry, an old lady once called the cops on my friends because they were turning my car into a s'more. I didn't press charges, just enjoyed the deliciousness of a car-sized s'more.

#5 I don't know who has the most issues your "friends" for lighting your car on fire or you for just standing back to watch and then you don't even press any charges.... But I think I'm leaning towards you because who let's people light their car on fire and then doesn't do anything about it and doesn't press any changes wtf??

iOceanus 18

46: Thanks for clearing that up. I was really confused at what 5 meant by "s'more", and I figured it was some lingo I wasn't cool enough to know. :P

AnOriginalName 19

Holy shit 46. They went out while I was in class and covered it in marshmallows and chocolate and graham crackers. Nothing a quick car wash couldn't take care of.

#5 why did you get so many thumbs down?!?!

AnOriginalName 19

I don't know, but it makes me sad. I thought it was a relatable, funny story.

#129 because you used "s'more" and didn't press charges.

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who hasnt drawn on the sidewalk with chalk as a kid!?

91hayek 31

well #17 it's never too late to start. Hell, if you're really good you might end up like that bloke Banksy and have your art be very valuable.

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We didn't have sidewalks where I lives as a kid. Come to think about it, we don't have sidewalks where I like now.

Just what in the world was she drawing that he had to call the cops?

The old guy from this story hasn't.

Plot twist: OP's daughter is 21 and was drawing genitalia.

#7 it doesn't matter how old OP'S daughter is chalk doesn't have an age limit and regardless of what OP'S daughter was drawing on the sidewalk it's chalk so it will come off with water.

I'm really tired of this plot twist BS.

iOceanus 18

32: It's funny when it's done right, but a lot of people try too hard or don't know how to do it.

#7 just came from ifunny. According to ifunny, those are acceptable, but here they aren't.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#32 I'm really kinda getting tired of your comments. They're all downvoted... Get a hint and give it a rest, you don't need to have 50 posts on each FML.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I only said it like that because of the way his response was formatted, I was trying to make it sound the same. I was being sarcastic/somewhat silly and not trying to be really rude. Sorry for the additional explanation, but I just reread my comment and it seemed rather mean. :( sorry

#33 are you just trying to jump in on everyone's comment's? And all you are doing is getting down voted on every comment I've seen so far because you make yourself sound so ignorant.

iOceanus 18

Almost everyone complains. There's no need to stereotype a certain demographic.

Nah my nana would have been the one drawing with chalk

TheDrifter 23

First the sidewalk, tomorrow the world!

Attacksloth 33

Raise your Timmies coffee in the air! #OccupyTheNorth

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I really hope they didn't come, they should be out catching real criminals

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I think for Canada this is a real criminal...