By kp - 03/09/2015 16:30 - United States

Today, my mom called me a druggie after she found out I smoked weed once. She's now threatening to sell my car, tell my boss, and ban me from seeing my fiancée. I'm 24. FML
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xoxoblondee 30

She should turn you in to the police, you pot smoking fiend. Clearly a danger to society! *comment overflows with sarcasm*

Your mom is a bit extreme.


xoxoblondee 30

She should turn you in to the police, you pot smoking fiend. Clearly a danger to society! *comment overflows with sarcasm*

*Comment that doesn't understand sarcasm* omfg wat is rong wit u

I'm honest I did this to be at the top. legally she can't do any of that except tell your boss. since you're over 18, unless the car is in her name of course.

no it sounds lile OP still lives at home, if thats the case its nit that far of a leap to assume the cars in moms name, even at OPs age, moms credit can help get a lower rate when buying the car. My advice OP, grow up and move the fuck out!

can't call the police. even if you test positive. it is illegal to possess pot, bit not illegal to be high. its weird i know, but they can't prosecute you unless they find the actual "drug"

#85, it says that the OP has a fiance. They're also 24, which is like 2 years after college. I think they didn't want to move out cause they're getting married soon, so what's the point of moving out when you will move in with the fiance(spouse by then) later?

Jord_Fox 14

Call the police. That's blackmail

More like punishment? Its not like she is making op do something or she'll turn them in

ChopSuey444 20

You're both wrong. It's an over exaggeration.

They can't do anything if you smoked pot once. you can say you smoke pot every day but they can't do anything unless you have more than a gram on you.

You don't understand what blackmail is, do you now?

hemdal308 9

Depends on the state. Here if you half even the tiniest bit on you you will be arrested

She needs to learn where her boundaries are. Good luck op!

Your mom is a bit extreme.

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lilchica22001 22

Weed isn't a drug you useless paperclip!

Alcoholism is totally cool tho right

Well alcohol is a drug, so...

So is coffee, the caffeine in it is technically a drug. It's a stimulant. So don't drink coffee, or pops, or eat chocolate either. Weed is also not the worst possible option out there. Plus they tried it once so their mother's response is way over the top.

Saying weed isn't the worst possible drug out there is like saying someone should be happy they 'only' were raped, since they could have been murdered instead. The issue with the whole 'weed isn't bad for you/isn't a drug/isn't the worst drug so people should be able to use it" argument is that people who abuse the drug usually aren't the only ones to suffer the consequences. That said, I think marijuana should be legal, but controlled like alchohol or controlled drugs, and regardless of what marijuana is or isn't, OP's mother is blackmailing him and could get him in a lot of trouble for an addiction he doesn't have.

92, to be blunt (I fucking hate puns) I'd have more respect for your argument if you didn't jump from making a rape analogy to saying it should be legal, but you sound dumb as hell. That aside, I think it should be used in moderation. I used to smoke a lot and it made me really fucking lazy. A lot as in everyday. I'm wary to the point of only buying sativas anymore. I cannot stress it enough but moderation is key, nothing wrong with a few tokes here and there.

Well that's irrational

I really don't understand why parents think weed is as bad a sin. I can't recall weed leading to any deaths.

don't know why your comment is so hated... weed literally does no harm to your body. smoking damages your lungs a little bit not much.

That may not even be the case with most parents. With my mom, she didn't want me smoking it just because it's illegal. She didn't want me getting in trouble.

they didn't show pictures of smokers in your health class? throat cancer, lung cancer... or the people that talk through a hole in their neck from smoke damage?

it does do damage. kills brain cells and such. However the smoke is not what causes cancer. it's the rest of the ingredients, tar, nicotine etc.

sylvienoir 18

That's cigarette smoke, which is completely different. Weed smoke has none of the chemicals and poisons.

60 - depending on the quality of the weed of course. Plenty of street dealers dip it in pesticide and shit before selling it. Remind anyone of wood alcohol (cheap alcohol that causes blindness and poisoning) being so common during the prohibition? Also, most parents aren't so concerned about the immediate effects, it's the impact on your work ethic and the risk of police involvement. Using weed regularly will make you only want to sit around and smoke instead of being productive.

Where I'm from there have been more then a few deaths from edibles. So it must lead to deaths.

It doesn't kill brain cells, it messes up your dopamine levels, and if you're under 25 it can mess with brain development, but only if you smoke it frequently

that is not true, i was a constant weed smoker for just over a year i smoked a lot 4-5 times a week.. smoking weed lowers your immune system so i got ill a lot, it can make your gums receed terribly the same with smoking tabacco.. but yeah the reason i had to stop was because weed makes your heart beat faster and i significantly weakened my heart and it couldn't take it anymore, I was at risk of having a heart attack. People with heart conditions can have heart attacks from smoking weed but clearly if they died the cause of death would be a heart attack even if weed was to blame.

You do realize that last sentence is a contradiction, right? "Weed can cause heart attacks, but the heart attack is the killer, not the weed"? That's like saying the gun used in a robbery is the criminal and the person using it was innocent.

iluvyahh 16

No. It is saying the person with the gun is the killer, but the gun aided in the killing. The heart attack is what caused the death, but the weed aided the heart attack. Therefore the heart attack is the killer.

#44 do you actually think that

I mean she's only being logical right? Nope. Not at all.

then move the fuck out, damn

I was thinking they sounded like they lived at home too. Good call!

ShannonBitt 29

And it implies that the mom owns the car. If OP owned the car, the mom shouldn't be able to sell it.

tell her Jesus smoked weed and he told you it was ok in a dream

you gotta say god did because then you can say you're a prophet and you can spread the word of God, which can be whatever you want it to be

well, someone that ignorant has to be religious. studies prove they are less educated than non religious people

^ Says the guy who doesn't know how to capitalize letters or use periods.