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  _Vamp_  |  9

When life hands me pineapples, I make beef stew.

  TorturedXeno  |  27

OP should sell the pineapples for a profit. :)


Hey #22, no way! Your trippin dude,
You must live in like Hawaii if that's what hobos around your city like. lol it would be funny to see hobos eating pineapples! lol Good joke!

WTF with the abuse part though?


No shit!
I can hook you up with a guy that lives in a shady neighborhood in my city who specializes in the illegal rug* smuggling & dealing market.
His name is the rug* dealer!

*not to be confused with the much more safer and less harmful job of being a Drug Dealer!!!

  Torva_fml  |  16

Maybe we should dumb it down for him.

Sell them all for a dollar implies one dollar, TOTAL. I'd say that OP would be getting ripped off. :)

Buttsex meant to say "sell them for a dollar each"