By Annoyed Student - United Kingdom - Oxford
Today, my English teacher used the word "interpretate" again. This isn't the only mistake she's made though; I've been so frustrated that I've started a list of them. It's over a page long. I'm meant to be learning things from this woman. FML
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  shortvirgo13  |  7

I don't get it.

By  kittiemarie  |  8

get a recording of it if you can and have her fired... we don't need imbeciles like that trying to teach.
The irony is that you live in the UK... if you were in good ol' 'Merrica I wouldn't have been surprised lol.

  karlcolt45  |  19

the loss was a conspiracy. if we had won, all those famous anti-war songs inspired by the hippie movements would have been meaningless! thus we threw the fight to save the record companies! *everybody gasps*


We won every engagement. We killed more of them than they did of us. We won by most conventional military standards. We "lost" because it was unpopular with our citizens.

  caysters  |  12

My boyfriends dad was in Vietnam. Agent orange has been trying to kill him since he returned home over 30 years ago!
I can only imagine the crap the locals have to deal with in Vietnam.

By  callie06  |  6

I was a teacher's aide for an English teacher my senior year of high school. He mentioned how annoyed he was getting by students using the "word" impactful in their essays. I had to read and grade some of those essays and suddenly the "word" was everywhere. Two years later, I cringe whenever someone says impactful. The Dean of my college said it in his welcome speech. Luckily, I don't have to learn from HIM.

Sorry, OP. Just continue to passive-aggressively take notes of the fake words she says. And don't forget to let us know how that turns out when your pent up rage is released. :P