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Today, I'd had it with my mom's addiction to weed, so I told her to choose between me or the weed. I'm currently looking on Craigslist for an apartment. FML
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perdix 29

Yes, like letting her adult children live at home rent-free while they hassle her about her fun habits.

While it is true that you aren't addicted to the actual chemical THC in marijuana, you can become "addicted" to the effects it creates. Here's a really crappy example: you don't become addicted to being held at gunpoint by muggers, but you can get addicted to the adrenaline rush, so to get your fix, you'll walk around seedy parts of town with money hanging out your ass to get that rush again.


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Well if she chose weed over her own son...that's highly unlikely.

#10- OP could be a girl, but you have a point. It's sad to see what we are coming too as humans... Choosing crap over our children...

perdix 29

Yes, like letting her adult children live at home rent-free while they hassle her about her fun habits.

bamagrl410 31

Um... You should never tell an adict to choose between their addiction and something else. Clearly at that point in time they'll choose the addiction (however much it sucks that they do). FYL =/

nollid7 5

There's no proof that weed kills braincells, I've received my BA and am working on my MA. All while using weed. You cannot be addicted to weed.

While it is true that you aren't addicted to the actual chemical THC in marijuana, you can become "addicted" to the effects it creates. Here's a really crappy example: you don't become addicted to being held at gunpoint by muggers, but you can get addicted to the adrenaline rush, so to get your fix, you'll walk around seedy parts of town with money hanging out your ass to get that rush again.

85- that's some shitty logic. I got my phd all while drinking alcohol, therefore alcohol is armfree! and it's called psychological depedency, chek it out, first class of psychology teaches it

The fact that someone would even give an ultimatum to their PARENT, who is probably paying all the bills as it is, is one of the dumbest things someone could do. Giving ultimatums is the fastest way out of someones life.

niiick97_fml 3

71- OP still could be a teen, just old enough to live at home. They could be 17 or 18.

Addiction isn't a clinical term (yet) but by most lay definitions it means repeating a behavior in spite of consequences to physical well being, social roles, emotional development, legal ramifications, etc. And yes, this defines some pot users.

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85, you can be addicted to anything. Even things with out addictive properties.

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MizzErikaHart 8

It's not like the moms addicted to crack

182 Weed is illegal. Either he/she could make the demands or have the police do it for them.

Just like there are studies linking alcohol to Ciriosis and tobacco to cancer but neither of those is illigal

And before all you pot-heads jump on me about that, the kid could be living with their mom for a reason eg. Paying for college on their own. Therefore it wouldn't be unreasonable for the child to ask her to stop. Her not stopping shows that she is addicted, as she chose it over he own child. Giving her an ultimatum was more of a last resort it would seem.

darien987 1

Weed is actually not addicting. I can see if she enjoys it, but I cannot see her choosing her son over it. I call bull on this one. Sooorrry.

It's very possible actually. You dont get addicted to the weed itself, but to the high you get from it.

Yes weed can be addicting.. My friend relies on it to be happy. Of weed isn't addicting tell all these stoners to stop smoking it, guaranteed it will be reallllly hard for them. Mind you like the guy said above, it's not necessarily addicting itself.

Lets go over a hypothetical scenario. I like ice cream. I am not addicted to ice cream. If someone told me to stop eating ice cream or they would leave my life I would tell them to **** off. That doesn't mean I am addicted to ice cream it's just that I'm not going to let someone else (especially my own child) give me an ultimatum on something that I enjoy. I'm just really stubborn and wouldn't let another person think they can control me like that.

smartloser 0

I can guarantee just about every stoner HAS stopped for a large period of their life. Wether it be to get a job or because they could no longer afford to. I smoked weed every day for a semester in college, and didn't at all for the next five. Sure I missed having fun, but I wasn't in withdrawl, and that's because weed is not addicting.

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beelee1988 13

Weed is a mental addiction not a physical one.

beelee1988 13

Meaning, you can only be addicted if you THINK you are.

Marcella1016 31

Getting error message on my phone...sending in 2 parts. 1 - Wow kids these days. Weed is illegal. So is jaywalking. I'm sure we've all jaywalked before. Alcohol was illegal in the US for a few years, and now it's not. Cigarettes are very bad for you, yet they've always been legal. So the "legality" of certain actions has nothing to do with their morality.

Marcella1016 31

2 - Now that the self-righteous little kids with no life experience have been put in their place... We don't know the full story of the mom. Is she a low-life with no job who sits up and smokes weed all day that she trades for food stamps since she has no job/no money? Or does she work 2 or 3 jobs and smoke weed to wind down and her whiny brat of an adult or older teenage kid just doesn't like the smell and decided to tell her how to live her life?

Marcella1016 31

3 - IMHO we can't make a sound assessment about the situation without more details. But for me, I decline to judge either the OP or his mother. Who knows he could be a 20-something year old just living under her roof mooching off of her. Or she could be a low-life douche. The world may never know.

Thank you! Someone in this post knows what they're talking about!

168 - ya his brain's clearly been affected by weed. A master degree is a common symptom.

kaykay20 0

If a parent chooses to go buy and smoke weed, meth, or any other drug instead of taking care of their child especially a young one who needs special attention (just one example) then they have a addiction or at least a serious mess up in priorities and NEEDS help. Addiction means anything that has control over you and in my experience with my mom, friends aunt, and few other friends and their drug problem (weed, meth, etc); it was a addiction, it did run their lives, and had complete control over them.

xxdes_15xx 0

Thank you for speeking the truth

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YakuzaxGeneralz 9

How would loud music help? OP's mom is a pot smoker. Not a screaming drunk.

veryhighsleepygu 7

It's best to ignore clods minded idiots that know nothing of the subject they talk about

Stonedmanalex 0

Yeah and you better avoid caffeine too

yumlicious 4

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well I wouldn't quite say she's a horrible person for's not good but doesn't mean she's horrible :p

yumlicious 4

I'm pretty sure choosing drugs over your children is pretty horrible.

Just because she has an addiction does not mean she is a horrible person. Her addiction is what is causing her to act in such a way. She may be a very good person and mother if she were sober.

nattynatters 14
ledstratdak 0

Weed is a drug. Though it's the most natural out of any of the other drugs out there pharmaceutical or not. To say it's not a drug is stupidity.

leogirl95 12

97- Lay off the drugs dude lol

McAninch35 9

Why are all these people getting thumbed down? I don't smoke weed, but it's a plant. And that's all, a plant. Like tobacco. But nobody runs around claiming tobacco is a drug, even though it's much, much worse for your health.

Jesus Christ. Do you guys even know what a drug is? Nicotine (in cigarettes) is a drug, caffeine (in coffee) is a drug, thc (in cannabis) is a drug. just because something is natural doesn't mean it can't be a drug. You can actually get addicted to caffeine. You can go through withdrawals if you stop drinking it. Drugs are all around us but most are legal. Thats not to say that drugs are bad either. Have you all never attended health class in high school?

173 that's like saying heroin is a drug..

daisyismydog 3

You cant be chemically dependent on marijuana so therefore you cant be addicted to it

Weed isn't addictive nor a drug. It's safer to smoke weed than use any other mind altering substances.

ledstratdak 0

no I'm gonna say it's not a drug cuz it's a plant. that's like saying an apples a drug.

ledstratdak 0

I'm just trying to say that weed shouldn't be considered a drug. I mean who made it a drug? the government. cherry pie is addictive to some people, so if the government started calling cherry pies a drug would you stop eating cherry pies? probably not. and I realize I probably sound like a hippie dumb ass right now, so I'm sorry.

173 by that logic heroine wouldn't be a drug either since it's made from poppy flowers

bigboughner 0

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Anything can become addictive if you have enough of it on a regular basis.

idloai 0

Like #64 said, anything can be addictive, even things that are good for you. I've seen a couple shows on people who are addicted to exercise which led them to doing it to the point where it was physically damaging their bodies and yet they still wouldn't stop.

WallyTheWombat 0

It's not physically addictive like nicotine and such. You won't get sick if you suddenly stop but anything can be mentally/emotionally addictive.

Perhaps, 4, op is old enough to move out and ops mom wanted him out, making this her last straw.

Its not addictive itself...its the feeling of being high they get addictied.

To those who said its not physically addictive ur close it is physically addictive its not chemically addictive the difference is tobacco and heroine are chemically addictive exercise is physically addictive

Petunia888 13

194: can you use some punctuation? It would make your argument more valid and understandable.

I use to smoke weed every day for at least 4 years. I quit a year ago just by saying I don't want to do it anymore. I didn't have to get treatment at all.

Dont give me that sh*t that weeds a drug. It aint no drug. Ive done the research. Its just a plant. It just grows like that. And if you just happen to set it on fire there are some effects.

371- you're proof people can do research and still be a dumbfuck.

You know what's funny about that? I don't smoke weed. It was a quote from Kay Williams. Get a sense of humor you uptight prick. Thanks.

Hopefully the OP did. Lesson learned: never make an ultimatum unless you're prepared for all possible outcomes. On the bright side at your next place no one will be eating your munchies.

Agreed with #95. OP made several mistakes: setting rules in a home he didn't own, giving an ultimatum, and threatening an addict. All you can do now, OP, is move on. It's for your own health and sanity.

Jewnut 0

Who cares unless its making her a loser, my mom is the most motivated functional stoner I know, she gets shit done and has a great job

andrealovvve 17

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Looks like mom is addicted. Not mentally but physically. You do it because it makes you feel good and you won't stop because you chose not to.

andrealovvve 17

Well yea. You can do whenever u want cuz u just like how it makes u feel, but u don't have the NEED to have to have it all the time.

andrealovvve 17

So it wouldn't really be addictive like heroin or whatever and wouldn't get withdraws and goin crazy without it

'quitting smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times' - mark twain

Weed isn't addicting, but ignorance is.

Some people can't even eat or sleep without it. You can get addicted to ANYTHING ie; shopping, food, ect. It's mentally and physically addictive anything can be. It's more so mentally. So therefore your comment is void.

juturnaamo 29

When you choose a drug over your kid, you're clearly addicted.

That may be true for you but it's not a fact. Weed can be very mentally addictive. If you stop you won't get withdrawal symptoms. But addiction's withdrawal symptoms can last for days; mental addiction is for life. Ask a 10-year sober alcoholic which is harder: the detox or stopping himself from drinking every day. All the people I know that are addicted to weed say they can stop just like the alcoholics, cigarette smokers, etc. None of them do. They just sit in the same place smoking their lives away.

Really 137? Sounds like op isn't just a kid. And to piss off somebody who's high on weed enough to get kicked you're a dumbass lol. As for weed not being addicting. Yes it is, you just don't get a chemical dependency on it. You won't have withdrawal symptoms. That's why they say it's not addicting.

Ok then - prove it. Quit. I mean if it is so easy like you say, then you can quit today!

That's because it's the opposite of what nine said, mentally addictive not physically. Mental addictives are just as hard to get off but once you do there's no withdrawal. Weed users always say they can stop whenever they want so how bout you do then, just stop for a month, or even a week, see if you can.

Andrea, please save the world an atrocity and do no pro create.

Andrea, save the world an atrocity and do not pro-create.

Andrea, please save the world an atrocity and do not pro-create.

Ive been smoking weed for 30 years and I'm still not addicted! -Hippee

ya i do it everyother week which means i can stop

nillabear 0

I love my pot, but it IS addictive, no argument; it definitely stimulates the "reward-reinforcement" neural pathway, though less strongly than the hard drugs. Knowledge bomb!!!!

junglebeat 0

correct you admitted choice!!

As I already said, if the only way to not be stressed or to be happy is by using weed, then yea, it is an addiction. By relying on the endorphins caused by your high, you will in fact eventually prohibit your own body to create its own NATURAL endorphins; which in the long run, links marijuana and depression.

Straight up, this guy/girl just needs to grow up and find their own place

Seriously! I hate when people call it addicting!! I once smoked weed every day for a month. Know what happened when i ran out?? "oh well better go get more" That was three months ago, and i haven't smoke since, and i'm fine. :)

Kelita 0

Umm supposedly it is addictive, check out Op's mom smarty-pants.

I must be addicted to lots of things showers, eating and dressing myself in the morning. I can't help myself it just!!!! Can't...stop!!!

Not if the kid is a mooching ass who should have moved out years ago. Not I the mom is a cancer patient.

austinha11 0

Anything is mentally addictive. Food is an example. But it doesn't mean you should pass judgment on to people who do it. It also means you shouldn't assume that all people who smoke are addicted to it, just like how not all people who drink are alcoholics. Frankly I think quite a bit of you should be more open-minded, because there are some people in the world who are actually smart and collected and also smoke pot.

Weed can only be metally addictive, but so can anything really.

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Children are the embodiment of all that is evil. I would choose someone shooting me in the leg over a child. Does that mean I'm addicted to getting shot in the leg?

306, I hope that wasn't a serious question... Terrible analogy.

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Weed is great! I understand why a lot of people don't like it but that's down to them! You NEVER hear of someone smoking a joint then starting fights with numerous individuals over petty things; Alcohol does that instead yet people still drink until ridiculous hours of the morning and a lot of them end up being arrested! I can honestly say it makes NO sense to me...

112 - Fights because of weed happen a lot where I live. It pisses me off to no end. You ever been caught between two stoned idiots trying to choke each other?

No, I have never been in that situation nor do I want to be. I haven't even heard of that happening... Then again my friends and I are pretty mellow people so I have no intention of fighting anyone so I guess it's plausible. Sorry if my ignorance to this has offended anyone.

Those ppl must have mixed because aggression is not a side effect of weed

was this an arguement about price and paying for the pot. i have never seen a fight break out when people were stoned on pot that was in its pure form. somoe pot is laced with some serious bad crap.

I noticed that my ex was slightly more aggressive when he was high...

JadeWalker 14

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JadeWalker 14

I expected the thumbs down ;) shows how much you guys dont understand. theres nothing wrong with weed and it was ops choice for they gave there mom the options. if weed is their moms way to escape they can either deal with it or handle it their own way. my father smokes pot and it doesnt effect the rest of my family in any negative way.

Finally a pretty girl with some sense.

Hahaha two awesome people here who likes das green too! Hahaha first non nagging comments on here. LEGALIZE IT! haha

iRuleUdrool 4
Shadow_Phantom 26

LOL Because smoking illegal drugs that inhibit your health -totally- makes sense.

If you were smart enough you would know It's not illegal in all the states.

Shadow_Phantom 26

There's a difference between being smart and being uninformed; I would be of the latter.

JadeWalker 14

I have a boyfriend jackass, and tht is beyond the point.

66, Now I'm curious to know what he said to you that generated that response..

Weed is disgusting. I'm glad it's illegal in the Uk.

It's simple... You either love weed or you don't... Kind of like marmite :P a lot of people in this world do like it and a lot don't... I have a feeling its going to be entertaining to watch this thread unfold :)

marisadc79 0

WOW, way to put all your info and pic out there and admit to smoking pot. Like I'm sure the police never look here, hmm. Sorry, couldn't disagree more. I weep for the future.

JadeWalker, it's people like you that make our future look bad. I hope you realize that. Weed is not a way to cope. It's an illegal drug. It's illegal for a reason. It causes severe damage to the body. There is something wrong when a woman abandons her offspring, not child, not adult, OFFSPRING, for what appears to be an addiction. We clear? Kay. Cool.

Weed is illigal because in the 1910s paper manufacturers didn't want the compition of hemp. Weed is accually less harmful than alcohol or tobacco and less addictive

Okay, that's besides the point. Yes. Weed has its ups and it's downs. Personally, I think the downs outweigh the good. Some disagree. But the real problem is that the mother abandoned her offspring for weed. That's not right. It doesn't matter if OP was a bad kid or not, the mom didn't kick him out for that. She kicked him out for a drug.

Then weep for our present and past, 153. Weed has been a part of many, many, many generations. And come on, you don't get busted for saying you smoke weed...

SeedlessMe 13

M 153-- Are you serious? You really think cops care if I say I smoke weed? & you think they can use fml commentary for proof in court? Haha I've gotten busted smoking. The cops really didn't care- he had me throw it on the ground & told me to smoke at home from now on. A bit of a difference there, it's not crack, lighten up! *end rant

mrbuddy 0

I look at a lot of non pot smokers and still fear for the future.