Judgmental much!?

By Stairway2Heaven - 02/03/2009 21:03 - Canada

Today, I came home to find that my room had been ransacked. My mom comes out of nowhere and says that we need to have a talk. I freaked out thinking it was all the empty alcohol bottles under my bed. My mom holds up the birth control and says, "I always knew you were a whore." FML
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Ugh I hate parents like that. Would they rather you're on birth control or you tell them you're pregnant.

oh come on... its just birth control.


response. "yep, you raised me right ya cunt"

well maybe if u weren't such a whore.....

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rachel: because it isn't.

maybe shes not having sex maybe she has really bad periods... did anyone think about tht???

Lol yeah she a butch callin you a whore

As long as it is safe its fine. Also OP never said she was a teen.

She still lives with mommy and mommy was searching her room, and she was hiding booze in her room and was freaking out about it, shes a teen

Today, I found all these empty alcohol bottles and birth control pills in my daughter's room. It turns out I raised a whore. FML.

oh come on... its just birth control.

Exactly. Shouldn't her mom at least be happy that her daughters being safe about having sex? Granted, she shouldn't be doing it in the first place, but it's better than being one of those stupid bitches who think the pull out method is legit. Anyway she could just be on the pill so she wouldn't have to deal with a period every month.

#102 I don't think it's fair to say that the OP shouldn't be having sex. As long as she's of legal age and is being safe then there is no problem.

Ya I'm going to go ahead and not take sex advice from someone named "cocainewhore"

It's actually worse on for periods on birth control. You get it randomly and sometimes more than once a month.

I'm on depo provera, which stops periods completely, because my cramps were so bad that I missed school and work. It's not always just about sex but it also means I'm more protected when the time does come.

caitlin your a bitch

A stupid bitch with self-esteem issues apparently, what fucking reason would you have to say that to someone unless you have issues with large people, and said issues normally come from self loathing, so get a therapist and fuck off *muttered* stupid bitch >.>

now, ok, caitlin was rude. that was uncalled for. but cmon, at least shes not lying AND being a bitch.

And you're an asshole! Enjoy your stay on FML where hate isn't accepted

Seriously? My mom was the one who wanted to put me on birth control haha!

same with mine! haba

Honestly same lol

Ugh I hate parents like that. Would they rather you're on birth control or you tell them you're pregnant.

HAHAHAHAHA! I love the fact that she called you a whore because you're being sensible about things (although that's disputable if you have a lot of empty alcohol bottles under your bed :S) PLEASE tell me your response was 'takes one to know one'!!

birth control pills are also used for hormonal balance and to help with medical conditions.

nobody gives a shit faggot

yeah my sister has PCOS and diabetes so she takes birth control. DERP

I'm on birth control for my awful period cramps

My sister had an ovary removed, so she needs birth control just to have.her period every month.

Ouch! That's below the belt for a mom to say.

Wow, that was outrageously harsh. Regardless of whether you are sexing it up or not, I mean, you might only have gotten them to ensure safe sex with your steady boyfriend (and only your steady boyfriend), that was harsh. I'm trying to put you in a not-whorish light. But if you ARE having sex with multiple partners, and usually to wasted to know who they are, remember that birth-control pills don't keep the herpes away! So in THAT case, especially... FYL.

I agree with 10. if it's only you and your boyfriend, ur being smart. and if not...well your mom said it best finglife.blogspot.com

MaShe didn't want a lecture. Besides, isn't it sexist to say that a woman with multiple partners is a whore, but if a man sleeps with multiple partners then he's cool.

A man with multiple partners isn't cool. It just makes him a man whore.

Cmon, theres a difference between multiple partners and a stockpile of used bitches