By ladytyy - 27/07/2011 23:45 - United States

Today, my mom still hasn't gotten over the novelty of our brand new microwave. We've been eating hot pockets for nearly a week now. FML
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Consider yourself lucky. That's more than most kids in Africa get.

True, but eating the same thing for a week... Damn. OP, why don't you cook something yourself? Don't be Lazy :D

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at least you have a microwave and food =(

You might like to add a little fruit to your diet to avoid going scurvy. Beyond that, what's the issue?

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hot pockets are delicious but give me chronic diarrhea!

35 - I could have lived without knowing that!

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I think I've eaten hot pockets almost every day this summer. maybe twice I've eaten other stuff.

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7- how do you have an iPod or a computer and wifi but no food?? hmm.

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This is 2011...who the **** doesn't have a microwave by now?

hot pockets are gross, bleh... I'd rather drink cooking oil.

Great chance to learn to cook your own food, Op.

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At least she's not making you eat. "lean pockets" Those things taste like shit.

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I believe this is what is referred to as a 'white people problem'.

Is it at least an improvement from her regular cooking?

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hot pockets are yummy but may i ask cant you make your own food?

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really cuz I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hm, why do I feel that there are a number of solutions to this problem? Such as suggesting other things to cook in a microwave or cooking your own food...

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soo true they can make their own food

Well you make dinner then, give her a break from the radiation microwaves give off.

someone doesn't know how microwaves work...

Someone doesn't know that the microwaves a microwave gives off is a form of radiation...

Yes they do, that's why pregnant women aren't suppose to stand infront of a running microwave

In Ebola's defence, they never say who doesn't know, they just say 'someone'.

Microwaves emit energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. Alpha, beta, and gamma are the forms of radiation. They are entirely different things. I hate to break it to you kids, but x-rays are also electromagnetic waves and not a form of radiation.

Technically, everything on the electromagnetic spectrum is considered "radiation". Microwaves are radiation. So are x-rays. So are radio waves. So is the visible light that allows you to see, and the ultraviolet rays that burn your skin. Problem is, when people think of "radiation", they usually think of the harmful ionizing radiation that is emitted by radioactive substances. And microwaves are not one of those.

What Vexis said really, Ebola; all types of ionising radiation are types of radiation, but not all radiation is ionising.

My point being that microwaves don't give off dangerous radiation that is transferred to food as the original comment led one to believe. Microwaves do not make the food unsafe due to radiation. The energy transferred is no different than white light heating a black piece of paper. Quite a few people have a misconception about microwaves being unsafe.