By supergirl7 - 27/07/2011 22:21 - United States

Today, I discovered I can properly operate the television remote with my feet. I then realized that it is pretty much my only talent. FML
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Pretty helpful talent if you ask me..

That's one of the most impressive talents. Right up there with licking your elbow.


Pretty helpful talent if you ask me..

hey you can get your fmls posted! i can never do that!

Well I guess it will keep your greasy hands from getting the remote dirty... Instead it will be smelly and covered in dead feet skin.

Ew.. feet are fucking disgusting.

Nhyeayeayeayeyayeyea you can do that to?

then someone uses it with their hands then rubs their eyes?

i can do this to. maybe were twins. :D

Today i relized i had the same talent of an fml'er. FML

watch out for athletes foot :P

Lol, this gives a new meaning to athlete's foot!

i use this talent all the time! thats how i play the wii

Americas got talent

well at least now you can use your hands to do other things.... like find a new talent perhaps?

12 feet are cleaner than hands!

That's one of the most impressive talents. Right up there with licking your elbow.

i can honestly say i'm jealous... i always hit the wrong button when i try :(

There are probably a lot of other fun and useful things you can do with your feet. Don't knock it.

Lies! It's physically impossible to lick your elbow.

I see what you did there.

sick hat where'd u get it??

well thats a starter for a talent.... :3

I hate you whalemegin

maybe your only talent, but at least a very impressive one.

americas got talent 2012?

I'm with 4 - that takes some doing! Edit - this was posted as a reply to 1 - see I can't even get that right so your Wayyy ahead of me!

Ever tried getting outside outside of watching T.V?

I was think the same thing

Then get out there and get some skills... just saying. But pretty awesome talent! :)

I can only accomplish this astonishing magnificent act while stoned/smoking weed or I epically fail.

I love having that talent..talented toes rule :)

Lol Funny AF!