By Anonymous - 05/05/2009 06:21 - United States

Today, I paid $60 for a haircut from a professional stylist, only to walk out looking like Spock from Star Trek. The worst part was the stylist asked me, "Hey, are you going to see that new Star Trek movie?" and tried to talk me into watching it. Now, wherever I go, people are giving me the 'live long and prosper' sign. FML
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tick_tock 0

Why would you pay for a haircut you hated?

It's what happens when you pay a ridiculous price for something that is otherwise so cheap. I get my hair cut for around $7 and the lady is great.


tick_tock 0

Why would you pay for a haircut you hated?

rubberbandgeek 0

Well his right why in the efin world would you pay tht gay ass fag tht like Star Trek. And what the hell is his problem you said trim not I wana look like Spock go back there and beat him STRAIGHT.

Uh, excuse me? Star Trek is AWESOME. And, please, this is a LITERATE site. So use those 3rd grade grammar and spelling skills. But, seriously, dude, why pay for something you didn't want?

metro_mello 0

It's not like he has the choice to not pay. They can call the cops on your ass. And as for people saying it's his fault. How does he deserve it? It's not liek you can watch what your hair cutter is doing to your hair like wtf. Honestly there are bad haircutters out in the world. It's not like it's his fault -_-

isnt it live long AND prosper?

redsox4021 0

#279 why are you saying "gay ass fag" that's offensive to some people and you look like an 8 year old with down syndrome.

victoria4161993 0

well you should have told her what you wanted

don't worry OP. Spock is sexy :P

you mean the Vulcan salute

maz_irken 6

i would love for a boyfriend to look like Spock. Not an FML in my opinion :D

You mean the .... Go get a girlfriend and move out of your mothers house you sad sad person :)

its pree bad when u know what that sign is.

That moment when you realize Spock is Sylar from Heroes (awesome Netflix series)

It's what happens when you pay a ridiculous price for something that is otherwise so cheap. I get my hair cut for around $7 and the lady is great.

I have my mom do my hair. Put the point remains that YDI for paying so much for that. I mean, what the hell? You could have gone to see Star Trek like 10 times with $60. At least in Nebraska. Probably more expensive in other places.

It's $10.25 a ticket in NY (capital district anyway), don't know anywhere else. If you're only paying 6ish, you're lucky in my opinion haha

kaytee05 0

hahahaha give the sign back to em!(:

#296 That is what they put...

Singularity_fml 0

Do you have black hair?

may the fourth be with you!

Dude, Wrong movie. May the fourth be with you is Star WARS, not star trek.

lol she's number 4. may the FOURTH be with you. i get it.

Still, wrong movie. FAIL.

It's force, not fourth....but yeah, #4

Way to not get it, blackheart.

im guessing you read that on MLIA. may fourth is clearly national star wars day because of it.

Horde 8

YDI for paying ridiculous price for a hair you don't even like.. Why the hell didn't you tell the stylist to change it?

RubixMonkey 0

Yeah Op, you're a boy, just do a buzz cut.

maz_irken 6

thor hammer?

If this is posted three times, I'm sorry because my computer is fucking me in the ass right now. I would get that haircut on purpose. Leonard Nimoy is a god. @4, you just made the first acceptable number post in the history of FML.

They didn't cause it's the wrong movie.

but yesterday was "may the fourth be with you" day. YDI just because you paid for something I'm guessing you did not want.

hahaha aww i feel for u. But u know, u could always get people to pay for taking their picture with u, the STAR TREKKER. And u could earn money off of ur stupid haircut and people get a picture and all is good "D

poeticpunk77 0

Unless you didn't look in the mirror before leaving the hair place, then you could've done something about the haircut. Sorry, but you get no sympathy from me.

Why would you pay for it? If you didn't like the haircut then get them to change it or complain. Either way you will get your money back or a different haircut.