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Today, I went to a job interview at a small family-owned business. After the interview, the owner's son took me into his office and told me I'm not getting the job and to get out, because apparently, the old man thinks I'm "possessed by a demon". FML
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perdix 29

You should sue! Demonic Possession is clearly covered by the Americans with Disabilites Act. He has to hire you and keep your office at 900 degrees to accommodate your demon.

Maybe you should find an exorcist...


Maybe you should find an exorcist...

Well it's better not to work for a weirdo anyway right??

It depends, did you come wearing all black and spoke in tounges during the interview?

I wasn't even sure business's could discriminate against people with demon possessions. Might want to look into making that an affirmative action hire.

Figures this would take place in America, hat a load of god fearing rednecks

Boygenius50 8


OP as soon as they told you that you weren't being hired cause of that you should of been like I am possessed and ran out the business screaming and acting crazy.

ss_20_xx 14

No he should tell the boss that he can't be fired as the demon in him will surely be pissed at the boss then.

88- At least us "rednecks" know what grammar is.

'MERICA!! Don't like it, then GTFO!!

118- Luckily for America, 88 lives in Canada. Which is embarrassing to us Canadians...

And how is that classic exactly? Do all the job interviews you go on end with them telling you that you didn't get the job because they thought you were possessed by demons?

Idonebeenhad 17

His attempt at getting the first comment by writing the shittiest comment ever is classic.

41 and 73, let's talk about sarcasm in respect to the above comment. Nothing about this is classic, you are correct, so is it that hard of a stretch to think he said that as an ironic statement? I'm not saying the comment was comedic gold or anything, but I can see the humor in deeming something off the wall "classic."

I believe his post was meant for the last commenter on #1's post. Remember u can go back and change what u write in ur posts.

106- considering he made the post 5 hours before the post you are referring to I find that highly unlikely.

Maybe apply at somewhere were that aren't ummm crazy as fuckk

I hope OP finds a job in a competing business and show the old man that he was WRONG

^I'm not sure that is what is expected from old people. Try again.

Well old people from hillbilly states are like that. Really and ages hillbilly is like that. Like duck dynasty is an example.

raraisbang 12

Actually, I live in West Monroe, Louisiana and the people on duck dynasty are normal people. Most of the stuff on that show is staged.

KawiRacer69 5

@onlychild, sorry but old people from hillbilly states do not say that shit. old people that believe god is everything say that shit

ConesOfDeath 0

81 There is a reason the Bible Belt goes through the south.

raraisbang 12

As previously stated, I obviously live in the south and I don't know anyone who would say something like that, much less deny someone a job for being "possessed by demons." Stereotypical people who have never been to the south are so silly ;D

JayJayAttackAtta 5

65, I'm in southern Arkansas. That's as southern and hillbilly as you can get. My town is 98% rednecks and farmers. Still, I've yet to hear of any store owner from here denying someone a job for demonic possession.

FYI, I'm keeping my stereotype of southern hillbilly view. I believe that family guy gave me the true life down there when meg went into whitness protection.

raraisbang 12

Then to put it bluntly... You are a ******* dumbass. Seriously. :D Backing up your beliefs with a family guy episode more than proves my point.

I can't even imagine how you acted to give him that impression. :/

It's probably something stupid that only old people care about like tattoos.

Yea because the first thing people do at job interviews is to act in a cohesive manner.

XxblueyyxX 3

Some people don't realize how they come off to others.

you probably shouldn't have put 'speaking in tongues' as one of your abilities.

Just throwing this out there: tattoos are looked down upon by more than just old people. Respectable employers in general consider it a bad thing.

96- you're very wrong. Most places of employment don't care if you have tattoos as long as they aren't offensive. They usually just ask that you keep them covered.

ahh old people and their superstitions

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Count yourself lucky, imagine working for that weirdo

jojimugo 20

You don't want to work for anybody who believes in such stuff

If you're applying to a job with an old man spraying holy water on you and yelling "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU", you're going to have a bad time.

DAMN! I didn't want that to be a reply!

Brannie 4

may the power of Christ compel you!

CaramelMacchiato 13


SOS actually doesn't stand for anything, it's just easy to tap out in Morse.

Actually sir, the code SOS comes from ye olde nautical days were sailors used it as a distress meaning Save Our Ship.

#110 Actually, you are wrong. He was right when he said that. It is extremely easy to tap out in morse.

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