By Ser17 - 10/08/2011 17:47 - United States

Today, I was preparing food in the microwave. I hadn't noticed that a fly had flown in until I noticed its melted corpse engraved into my hot-pocket. FML
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Fresher meat than what's inside the hot pocket and at least you can identify what animal it is.

saIty 17

I wonder how much you could sell it for on eBay.


That's a very tragic death for the fly :( and sorry bout your hot pockets. Maybe you can remove it and still eat it?

LiveLaughFML 10

hey pocket party people, ready to have fun!? :D

Pixxio_O 11

R.I.P at least the fly will always be within you... Literally

Quit being a baby, they have wars over these in Africa.

yamatelle 19

It adds spice to the flavor. Mmm mmm mmm crunchy!

Pixxio_O 11

Send it to 21 in the post, she seems to really like flies :D

yamatelle 19

@27 You have no idea what you're missing out on! It tastes like fresh chicken marinated in onions, spicy garlic, with a dash of rosemary, except this one is crunchy and a bit salty.

Why is Number Six being thumbed down for making a Hot Pocket commercial reference

Pixxio_O 11

:O post it to me instead op!!!!

LiveLaughFML 10

thankyou for catching on #52(:

zendaddy0 0

TAKE IT OFF !?!?! it adds flavor why would you do that

hellbilly205 17

Its just extra protien. Suck it up buttercup.

It's there for added flavor. Food is bland without flies

MasterShake1100 0

When the number has a negative sign thats when it's thumbed down. FAIL.

I don't know what OP is complaining about. I put that shiz (flies) on everything!! Wait . . . Wrong reference . . .

mgsoloist 14

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly, I don't know why she...wait a second...I guess I know now.

It's called adding flavor to an already amazing dish.

uh 102.. who the hell are you talking to? cuz we are all talking about hot pockets, not about having your comment thumbed down

you all must have acute senses to be able to taste a melted fly on a hotpocket

iluvboobies 9

Yum! Extra protein from the fly and from all those nasty germ it carried!

andy_l 14

Now you have a story to tell at parties.

starryxeyes 2

152- My guess is that he/she was talking to 52, who asked why 6 was being thumbed down. And as for 1, ew.. I doubt I could even joke about eating that, just the mere thought makes me want to gag. That's just me though, I don’t likely just me- I don’t like any type of bug or insect, including everything from ants to butterflies :/

uridea 14

It's your own bad for eating that shit in the first place.

Exeedingmango 0

I didn't know flies melted in the microwave.. Hmm.. >:D

AceShots95 0

-10? i thought it was funny..haha

SirObvious 1

Everyone knows hot pockets don't have taste. There simply made just to burn the inside of your mouth. The ideal equivalent to eating lava or licking a stove.

ugottaluvme 0

Until she/he drops a douse then the fly will be incthe ground where it should be.

mandihbew 0

264- only if you don't wait 5 minutes to cool like the package tells you... But who does that, right? :D

saIty 17

I wonder how much you could sell it for on eBay.

orangeduck 6

I bid $20.1 and Boner's possum.

flockz 19

i bid jesus. not the religous one, im talking about my one legged day laborer.

tylersign 11

Probably for quite a bit, as long as it looks like Oprah.

HelloNoora1 0

when I read it the first time I thought it said "my fly was down" and I was like how did that happen.

That's a good idea for a new hot pocket!

all of u r beat, im bidding $45, a used condom and a chocolate chip cookie.

SoccerRebel594 0

I think I'll bid $25, my one-legged Ethiopian, a half used roll of toilet paper, and a pencil.

I bid $26.46, a happy meal with the toy still in it, a piece of my dad's belly button lint, and a statue of Einstein's head composed of chewed up bubble gum.

I bid alcohol, fireworks, and a very large sombrero.

slushpup9696 12

I'll raise it to 44 dollars and a small bucket of rice.

Fresher meat than what's inside the hot pocket and at least you can identify what animal it is.

If you consider natural: steroid over fed fat animals, sure.

Thats not natural? Strange, I was told otherwise.

It says on the back of the box that they are made out of "steroid beef, Swedish cheese, peppered pepparoni, bread imported from china, flies, and cum."

Me too, but those damn liberals think it's "inhumane" But that is most American in a nutshell. Tsk Tsk.

KiddNYC1O 20

All those diseases flies carry... No thank you.

nevergo 10

Hey that fly is a natural ingredient. I don't know what you're talking about haha

WellThatSucksMaj 0

-170 They be ruining the country! Lol I'm mostly liberal in my beliefs.

Michael_Kelso 0

It was just trying to save op from diarrhea.

I send the pestilence and the plague into your house, into your bed, into your streams, into your streets, into your drinks, into YOUR BREAD!

YDI for eating a poptart that was dunked in the toilet and filled with nasty cheese.

Bet you anything there's already flies in hot pockets.

aliceisbored 11

I hope you didn't find out too late...

Yeah, OP peered into his stomach and noticed the fly plastered onto the chewed and half-digested bits of hot pocket.

BooGhosted 0

Normally I don't laugh on FML but you made my day sir.

YDI for not paying enough attention, thus roasting the flies innards until it breathed a sigh of death, it's wings stopped beating and then melted upon the thing that is the only thing it wanted in the first place. You sick bastard.

Today, I was flying and sighted a delicious hot pocket, which I proceeded to land on. Then, a massive being stuck me in a rotating chamber of heat, and I melted. FML

I wonder what the fly was thinking as it was starting to boil it's blood and begin melting

FuniiBunii 0

Fly: "oh it feels hot =) I always wanted 2 get tan ;) Omg a lil 2 hot .... after 10 min ... ""*silence @

You microwave your food for 10 MINUTES?! Holy crap...

I don't believe flies, except anthropomorphised ones, actually have enough cognitive capacity to be able to think.

skyorpia101 4

I love how u say oh shit I'm melting when ur pro. Pic. Says im chill :|

KiddNYC1O 20

Hot pockets only require 2 mins, give or take, to cook!

evedently 2 mins is enough to engrave the remanense of a fly into a nicely cooked hot pocket. now i want one, dammit

FiestaInMyPants 8

100 - According to Jason Mraz, 48 tried to be chill, but you were so hot that (s)he melted.

Its Lit Up Blue Where It Say Im chILL Meaning Hes Badass -___- God Damn your An Idiot

adamcichuttek 2

It looks like you're the idiot.

Today, I was melted while attempting to eat a frozen hot pocket. FML

Epsilonyx 15

Sounds like a great addition to the brand. "Bits of wing in every bite! HOOOT POCKET~"

guckylynn 19

All those types of food have a bit of insect in them anyway.

I bid alcohol, fireworks, and a very large sombrero.

Yung23 0

That sucks hot pockets are dam good!!

While you keep on believing that hot pockets are 'dam good' in about 5 years you'll wake up with 100 extra pounds on you, maybe even more than that. That sure is 'dam good'

elmogoezRAWR 0

Wow, with the Daria picture, that sentence was all the more cool. WOOT.

Yung23 0

Highly doubt that I'll happen to me but ok keyboard warrior thanks for the info;)