By agnosticstudy - 28/01/2009 21:53 - United States

Today, all three of my meals consisted of two Hot Pockets. FML
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Where is the "I agree, your life is delicious" option?

xcardixx 0

yummmm (=


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yummmm (=

Eir_fml 1

I WISH I had six hot pockets right now to eat for the rest of the day. Haha

boycrazy30007 12

He meant he made 2 hot pockets into 3 meals

No, he really didn't.

You no want normal food, you want Hot Pocket!

xania_fml 0

wait...was each meal two hot pockets..or two hot pockets total?

kornonthecobb 0

each meal was 2 hot pockets he ate 6 total all day

starberries 0

If he had six Hot Pockets he should have said, "Each of my meals consisted of two Hot Pockets." That's probably what he meant, but the way it's worded, it says that he ate a total of two Hot Pockets.

no, the way it's worded makes it sounds like he had 3 meals all day, which consisted of 2 hotpockets each.

Hot pockets are awesome [:

bloodyhotdog 0

deeeeead pocket /jim gaffigan

wow, wish I could do that, but as far as I've gotten was getting to see my ribs. ONCE, and I Ddo have OCD. But otherwise that was a JK :)

Stop talking.

OCD isn't related to food

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how the hell is that FML?

Where is the "I agree, your life is delicious" option?

piderman13 0

hot pockets are so delicious!!! i wish i had some right now....