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  Today, I was browsing the web when I checked the search history. Turns out my son has been searching for "nude grills" and "hot grills." Not only is my 12-year-old son attempting to find porn on the internet, he also can't spell. FML
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By  SweetJTBR  |  22

That's why you must delete your Internet history after watching Porn xD

He's twelve. It's ok man. As long as he doesn't have sex and you teach him how to spell, you'll be fine.

  CatEyes66  |  0

Maybe he spelt everything right and has a fetish for "hot nude grills." Like grills that are nude colored and hot. Could be possible lol "no" he's just another uneducated horndog.

Haha "I gotta horndog for ya grill"

By  SweetJTBR  |  22

Why would i be using sarcasm? My Desktop Pc isn't in my room, anyone can use it, so i delete the browser history every time. Specially when it comes to Porn. I don't want my mom to know that, or anyone else.

  Troy_K  |  7

He is just preparing to impress the fathers of the girls he dates. "Damn sir, your grill is hot." Not only is he complementing the father's cooking utilities, but he's also got the hottest "grill" in town. Your son is a genius.

  Jammy01jams  |  2

12? Pftt I was ten when I first surged looking that stuff up. If he hasn't by that age then you should be worried. Plus it shows intelligence. He thought to himself, I want to see girls naked. The large database called
the Internet must have something. Most of this generation don't realize the Internet is so useful. But again the spelling issue.

By  Inspired22  |  11

Hahaha...I am not surprised that a 12 year old boy has difficulty spelling, and a desire to watch porn. Boys develop their sexuality at a surprisingly young age, whether we like it or not.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

we can expect boys to have developed sexually by 12 but passing basic english is just unfathomable...
"well of course he failed english dear, hes 12, hes been too busy looking up porn all week, give him a break!"