By Gross... - 16/08/2011 06:22 - United States

Today, my little brother proudly informed me that he found a way to suck pool water up his asshole. FML
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Send him to Americas got talent!!

doctor_awesome 8

ass straws. so you can use your mouth for more important things.


I've never heard of that fetish before?

SirObvious 1

Water is just a gateway suck.

one guy, one ...pool?

Is that a question or a statement.

Clearly the question mark was to show you that the comment expressed disbelief and/or uncertainty. Winning.

I have..... ._.

He probably has the cleanest asshole around.

lindseyluvszac 4

Your little bro is obviously gifted he needs to start his own circus

reallytho3 11

All he needs is a camera and he can b a youtube sensation... I can see people happy to watch something like tht...

IndiRae 9

It's not impressive unless he can blow it back out like a whale. Now, I'd pay to see that.

@88: I agree. When he can shoot it out his blow-hole, then I'll be impressed.

IndiRae 9

143- Thanks for saying exactly what I said, with different words. Skillz.

RainbowLuna 0

What will be sucked into little bros ass today a pencil, a bat, more water?

Send him to Americas got talent!!

deathtrap 0

Well did you try it?

bizarre_ftw 21

I want to see that broadcasted to every home then end up on the soup & AFV!!!!!

doctor_awesome 8

ass straws. so you can use your mouth for more important things.

Majstr 23

Be happy it is only a water.

crazychick1269 7

for all we know it could b something else to:/

shake_my_head 2

Lmao @ 127

I'm jealous. Boners told me he did this once at a bar. I fell in love with him ever since.

We should start talking. I want someone that i can be friends with thats 16 aswell and bi. Add me on skype. Its: feforfar

borkchop1992 15

does he have you blow water up his ass?

Obviously not, he made it perfectly clear he can do that on his own.

How much do I need to pay for a lesson?

i think im in love