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  GreenHacker  |  0

I wanna say he deserves it for this one. Only a moron hides his valuable where he did. Also, knowing you do the laundry, he should inform you of his hiding spot. FYL for dating a dumbass

By  Kukua  |  5

Were they his valuables? Or yours? If they were yours, then FYL for sure. If they were his, then he's a mama's boy who obviously has relied on the women around him to do his laundry his whole life.

  oogyboogy  |  6

actually if he puts them there it means that he does all the laundry because he has to remember to take them out

By  null_fml  |  11

Hiding valuables is a good idea, but that's kind of a dumb place. Does he hide his alcohol in the oven when some less-than-trustworthy friends come over, or put his pet hamster in the freezer so your neighbour's dog can't get it?