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By Anonymous - 30/12/2010 05:08 - United Kingdom

Today, I caught my mom trying to get secretly smashed out of her brain-box on booze at 8:00 a.m. FML
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You should keep you vermouth shut, act very Cosmopolitan, and rum like the wind instead of letting your bad feelings ferment. Just whiskey yourself away for a while (maybe to Manhattan?) from that toxic situation. Maybe go someplace warm, watch a tequila sunrise and have sex on the beach with a girl named Margarita. Staying and wining or making a big brewhaha won't help. But be supportive and there is a martini tiny chance she will liquor problem eventually.

She's not being racist. She's simply stating that she's NOT slaughtering a certain race. Being racist is hating a person or people because of their nationality. Get your facts right before you start ridiculing people


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I'm not sensing the problem here, OP. I am smashed by 9 AM everyday. Some may say I have a problem, but hey, at least I'm not out lighting shitty bags on fire and slaughtering Asians and homeless people.

ur being racist to my family my culture and my religion please stop

She's not being racist. She's simply stating that she's NOT slaughtering a certain race. Being racist is hating a person or people because of their nationality. Get your facts right before you start ridiculing people

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Thank you, 7. I didn't realize mentioning a specific race was considered racist. You are far too sensitive. You're also a bit creepy, replying to all of my comments. Good thing I'm too tired to tell you how much of a baby you are.

but saying people throw bags of flaming poo at black people is racist in my opinion

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If your culture involves lighting shitty bags on fire and slaughtering asians and homeless people, can you really blame anyone for being "racist" towards it

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What the hell are you talking about, you crazy fool? Who even mentioned black people or throwing bags of poo anywhere? LOL!

oh ..... still don't be racist it's a bad habit

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wtf!?!?! what black ppl, who, where??? Are you high iSnowboard???

What the..? #11. she didn't say anything about throwing it at black people she just said throwing it, as in on porches..

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Oh, shut up. I wasn't being racist. Mentioning a race isn't racist. Now I'm confused if you're black or Asian. Either way, you're sensitive and whiny.

What the...? #7. she didn't even say black people. She just said throwing it, as in on porches..

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iSnowboard my avatar is talking about you

lol wow how the hell was her comment racist? Like seriously calm the heck down.

I can't read those small letters mail it to me

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CloudEnvy, I will eat your limbs.

Please don't eat my limbs, I quite like them.

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I quite like them as well. *Eats legs* Your legs, not mine. Wait, whoops.

Eating limbs is racist against cannibals please stop making fun us as we are only doing what comes natural. This message has been brought to you by Drunk Drivers Against Mothers.

stop talking about cannibalism you're making me drool.

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Potentially your fault. What are you doing that she feels the need to be wasted all day?


FFML_13 don't be part of the racism problem. be part of the solution. stop throwing poo at black people

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isnowboard, props on getting 5 comments moderated in a row, I've never seen that before!

Have fun dying of liver failure later in life. My dad had a drinking problem, he died that way at age 48

when your smashed there can be no secrets.

Are you sure you're from the UK? You said "Mom"... And "brain-box", whatever that is. The "booze" makes me sort of believe it, but still...

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OP could be attempting to avoid "YDI for saying Mum/not knowing how to spell Mom" comments that end up in the comments of every FML that spells things in non-American ways. or OP could just be in the UK, and actually be American. or OP just spells certain words the American way in informal situations because they like the spellings better. I'm American, but I write "Mum" and "grey" instead of "Mom" and "gray" because I like the other spellings better. I dunno about brain-box though. I've never heard it, anywhere here. Smashed out of her brain, but not brain-box. Booze is pretty international though.

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wow just about to write basicly what she said and I agree booze international and brain box = WTF?

Agreed. Isn't it smashed out of my face in UK? but what do I know.. never drank in my whole life.

Op I can't read your horribly annoying depiction of the situation and be sad.. It sounds sad but because of the way you said it, ydi... Heck maybe you're the reason..

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Thanks for wasting my time with "trying to get smashed out of her brain-box with booze" when "drinking" would have sufficed. You're quite the drama queen. If you were my kid, it would take something stronger than booze to allow me to tolerate you all day.

hide the booze or swap it out with some other substance, maybe she'll be so out of her mind she won't notice… nahhh just do an intervention

seriously... ydi for talking like that...