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Today, my mom said I should start wearing push up bras to make myself look better. I was wearing one when she said that. FML
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Push-up bras are false advertising anyways :P Buy your mom some wrinkle cream for Christmas.

Some guys like small boobs. I do! Don't hate it embrace it!! Society sucks anyway just be you and you'll be fine. (:


Some guys like small boobs. I do! Don't hate it embrace it!! Society sucks anyway just be you and you'll be fine. (:

I prefer them smaller too. just not totally flat though.

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#2 why discriminate, boobs are like cookies you like em all no matter the size :)

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#2, there is such a thing as too small, though. The OP ought to insist that her mom pay for her boob job to give her some modest boobage. If she is as ridiculously flat as the story suggests, her mom must have passed on some defective genes, and owes the OP a repair.

Repair? Go **** yourself! U need to repair your messed in personality!

Perdix, sometimes you're a real dick.

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#79, 87, I'm just so sick of the double-standard! All the girls rally around the flat-chested ones and are charmed by the guys who claim they prefer small boobs. Yet, no one stands up for the tiny-penised guys. You never see any girls saying "I prefer small dicks." Those guys need love, too.

Everyone, quickly! We're taking Perdix seriously today!

Don't make yourself look different for someone. If a guy is going to date/marry/hook up with you he's going to see that they're small. Why change who you are? Let everyone embrace you for you

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Perdix... I really hope you aren't solipsizing about your dick.

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#99, I did say "those guys" :)

#92 Don't compare dick to boobs -_- Boobs are not asexual body part, penis is. Plus, most girls don't care about size. And those who are concerned about size too much, are just shallow bitches, like you are when it comes to chest size.

Sadly, people take things way too seriously. I'm afraid I'm the only one who knew perdix here was joking. :(

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#105, not exactly. It appears that I am the other one:)

Push-up bras are false advertising anyways :P Buy your mom some wrinkle cream for Christmas.

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Push up bras are like opening a bag of chips and you get sad that they're really only half full :/

Eh, I'd say if OP prefers the way she looks when wearing a push up bra then to go for it. Just to make sure she's doing it for herself rather than because she feels pressure from other people. I pick most of my clothes because they make me look better in my eyes, but I've finally learnt that how I look in my mind is totally different to how society thinks I should look.

I wear push ups because I like the way they look. I've also found that they help fight gravity. By keeping them held up and perky, they're 'trained' to stay there. There's a huge difference in their appearance between taking off a regular bra and a push up.

I like how my breasts look in underwired bras, and sometimes I wear padded or push-up bras. -highfive- I just have the wrong kind of shape to wear anything else and have that lovely rounded, perky look.

I lol'ed. Sounds like something I would do, but my mom would never say I'm unattractive physically in a mean way, and she'd just laugh if I bought her wrinkle cream at 46 ( seriously, she has no wrinkles at all ).

I see this joke a lot. I don't think people understand how boobs work... Push up bras give cleavage. A tiny minority or even no pair of natural breasts are pushed together. They shouldn't touch. I think you mean those crazy "add 100 cup sizes!" Bras. That's false advertising. Being an E/F cup I've never had to wear one of those, but I wear a push up on a night out so they looks pretty in a nice shirt.

I am a 30DD and I'd love to get some real cleavage with a push-up or padded bra. :( Btw, some women's breasts naturally sit close together, so they touch even if they aren't that big in terms of volume.

She shouldn't say that no one needs to change there body type everyone is born the way god meant and we are all beautiful

I'm so sorry everyone I'm ashamed of myself

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I like the size of my boobs. Big boobs (I hear) can suck and be uncomfortable, but small boobs can make you feel insecure. I just accept who I am, chest size and all

Large boobs can give you back problems, so they aren't as great as some people may think.

I have large boobs and they make me incredibly insecure as well. Big breasts do not look like they do in the media or in drawings- that's denying how gravity works, etc. I'd much prefer to have smaller ones in terms of aesthetics, but I'm trying to learn to love the ones I have.

I learned something new today. Thank you ladies.

70, I agree with you, I also would like if my boobs were a bit smaller, But like you, I'm trying to be happy with what I've got!

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I have small boobs. Some doctors say smaller ones are better because it's easier to find tumors and abnormalities in them, and that they keep sensitivity to touch longer than big ones. And also that they stay perkier for longer. Plus my husband loves how I am anyway. I was really insecure about it in high school, but I don't care now. OP, just ignore people who judge you for how you look. You'll find someone who loves everything about you!

Every woman should like the size of their boobs, and every true man should like the girl for who they are, not for their breast size or any aesthetic reason. Back in college, I actually had a relationship get ruined by a chick that stuffed her bra. Not because I found out, I wanted to comfort her that I didn't care for her breast size. It was because she burst into hysterics and thought no man would want her. It's not right, and for those who doubt me, just know that there are those of us who want the girl for who she is, not what she is.

Faith in the male population *slightly* restored. And that's coming from a feminist. So kudos to you :)

It's nice to know there are guys out there that aren't primal dirtbags who only care about the outside package. Keep spreading your anti-pigism 9 :)

For me, I don't feel like I'm fully a woman, with womanly "charms", because my breasts are small. I get mistaken for a teenager often, and not just because my face looks young. I would feel better about myself, and that's what matters. It's not about any man or anyone else. Sure, I can 'accept' it, but I'll still be wearing bras that flatter me and make me look larger. I don't want -huge- breasts, mind you, just... somewhat larger. I'm a 30DD ( trust me, it's not that big, but media in the US has us all brainwashed to think so ), and I'd love to be about a 30F or 30FF ( UK sizing ). I'd match my hips/bum for once!

You have nothing to complain about, there's girls/ladies who would be super happy with that size because they've got a way smaller size.

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You're saying DD isn't huge? I'm just a D and that sometimes feels cumbersome. I don't know what I'd do with an F.

If you think DD is small, you should try being a 34B like me. I used to wish for bigger boobs when I was a teen (30B) but now I want to go back to that size. I love them, they're fun but sometimes they're in the way.

41- are you kidding me... No, my best friend is a DD, they're big. Girls like you are annoying. "Oh my boobs are big already but I want them bigger.". Why? What's the point of that? People will love you for who you are, not how big your breasts are. Some boys will care only about that, but men won't. And not to sound rude, but you seem to be fishing for compliments, saying how big your breasts and hips/bum are. Fish somewhere else?

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@56 But she's a 30DD. Granted that's not small, but it's certainly not the same as say 38DD. The number matters too; it's not all about the cup size. For example, I'm a 34C/D (my weight isn't very steady because of my metabolism). They're not small, but they're not particularly large either. It's quite a happy size. Anyway, a friend of mine who is a larger girl, has bigger boobs than mine, but she's a B cup. 30DD would probably be about the same as my 34C but on an even more petite body.

The cup size volume changes with the band size so a 34D is the same cup size as a 36C or a 38B. A 30DD would be the same size cup as 32D, 34C, or 36B.

There is no such thing as a small DD unless maybe you're a larger woman and your gut sticks out farther than your boobs. I'm a 32D and on my small frame, they're huge. In any case, there are millions of men who like millions of tit types, and many don't discriminate at all!

Hahahaha haaaa wait what?! DD is small? Try an A cup... *sits in corner and cries*

Why are you voting me down? Trying to make me feel bad because I don't like my breasts? How very supportive.

tinyurl(.)com(/)properfitbra - you're welcome.

Oh yeah, 30DD is totally "huge"! These are women wearing the RIGHT size. tinyurl(.)com(/)huuuugeboobs

The 30DD in this picture is pretty accurate. It's NOT big on my frame at all, and I am a petite and rather slender woman. I certainly don't have a "huge gut", I have a small waist and mostly flat stomach. tinyurl(.)com(/)huuuugeboobs

Thank you! That's exactly right, and people just do NOT understand that cup sizes aren't static! They're ignorantly insisting that the media is right, and A always means tiny and DD always means gigantic. >< If you want to share in the future, here's a comparison of some D/DD sizes - tinyurl(.)com(/)huuuugeboobs

THEY AREN'T BIG. Look here and tell me that 30DD is huge, please. These women are wearing the right size, like I am. Ignorant people like YOU are more annoying. tinyurl(.)com(/)huuuugeboobs

30DD is equal in size ( volume ) to a 36B. So I know EXACTLY how it feels.

I'm sorry you're also self-conscious and some people are so inconsiderate. Although I, for example, would kill for just a size B doesn't mean it would satisfy everyone. You're entitled to your own opinion of your body, just know that some people do have it worse in this case!

I'm just self-conscious when I want to look sexy but can't because I'm not that well-endowed. >< I'm fine with my body otherwise. I COULD be totally flat ( like a 30A, yikes ), so I'm glad I'm not like that. But.. "Size B"? Cup sizes are not static. They depend entirely on the band size. I'm a 28E / 30DD / 32D / 34C / 36B / 38A, in terms of volume. You can't just say "Oh, I'm a B cup", because it means absolutely -nothing-. Go to these links and you'll find out what I'm saying. and

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:) this boosted my self esteem a bit.

I have looked at your link, and to me those boobs aren't exactly small. They're not huge, but still not small. My actual bra size is 32AA or 34AAA (yes, these sizes really exist, but they can only be found in shops specialized in small sizes, or in the children's department if I'm lucky).

It's really nice reading that other woman are as small chested as me. And it makes me smile reading the supportive comments about loving any breast size. :) It took me a very long time to be comfortable with my body. I'm now 21 and still an A-cup. Oh well. I like the way I am. :)

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I hear ya girl...I'll go join in on that cry...

Wearing a push up bra isn't going to you look better. Yes it might be nice to have perky boobs but you need to be happy with what you got. Be confident & flaunt your best features. You want someone to like you for you & not just your body anyways. :)

Tell her that you're willing to pay for her nose job.

Don't want to give her mom any ideas.... Oh I just got the reference. Mkay

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Trying to start a war? I feel like this wouldn't turn out well